Reports: Coach fired after stealing credit card to buy 36 bottles of Jagermeister


Image via jutarnji.hr

Croatian coach Josip Gaspar (center) was fired as manager of NK Precko Zagreb in the early April, but the reason for his dismissal wasn’t discovered until now.

According to reports in local media, Gaspar reportedly stole a player’s credit card, and used it to buy a very large amount of liquor: 36 bottles of Jagermeister. Croatian news site jutarnji.hr reported that Gaspar spent roughly $680 to purchase the alcohol.

He reportedly attempted to purchase even more alcohol with same credit card, but it was declined because it exceeded the limit of the card.

Because Gaspar is fairly well-known in Croatia after playing for Dinamo Zagreb in the 90s, he was spotted almost immediately on CCTV footage after his second attempt to purchase alcohol and taken into custody.