Man gets Man U tattoo because his name is already “Mr. Manchester United”


Quite possibly the nuttiest football fan in the world, “Mr. Manchester United” — yes, that is his actual, legal name — now has United’s club badge tattooed on his forehead.

Our sources say that Mr. Manchester United got the tattoo out of fear nobody knew exactly just how big his love for Manchester United really was….

In all seriousness, the fan did offer an explanation for this to The Sun, and it is hilarious:

'The tattoo's my ID card,' he said. 'People don't look at me in a funny way, they look in admiration.' 'Now, whenever someone asks my name, I point to my forehead and smile. It makes me stand out and proves my loyalty to United,' he added.

Earlier this year, Zdravkov Levidzhov won a 15-year legal battle to change his name to Mr. Manchester United.

Mr. United drew inspiration for his name - and life - change after watching the Red Devils’ victory over Bayern Munich in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final… on TV. (He wasn’t even there? Some fan!)

Oh, and his cat’s name is “David Beckham.” Of course it is.

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Fan bares all to distract Diego Costa’s PK attempt against Getafe

Warning: The image and video below contain partial nudity.

Fans will go to extreme lengths to distract players on opposing teams, but this is one of the most shameless we’ve seen.

When Diego Costa stepped up to take a penalty kick for Atletico Madrid against Getafe on Sunday, one dedicated fan dropped trou in an attempt to throw Costa off.

It worked.

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Young pitch invader shakes lazy security guards

Playing ‘Tag’ is so much more fun when people actually try to catch you!

A little boy decided to invade the pitch during River Plate’s 2-0 win against Lanus last weekend, but to his disappointment, few if any of the security guards or players on the pitch made much of an effort to capture the young renegade.

The boy taunted the disinterested guards like a heavyweight champ, twirling around the field and doing several of these gestures, to no avail:


Finally, the boy just started running at the guards, like a bull at a matador, only to juke them out at the last second.

The fun eventually stopped when the kid either ran out of energy, or simply got too bored. The lesson here, as always: if you don’t give kids’ shenanigans any attention, they’ll stop on their own.

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Barcelona build mausoleum for fans who want to remain with club forever


Do you live and die for Barcelona?

Well, now you can make certain that you’re Blaugrana from the cradle to the grave — literally. Barcelona have built a mausoleum for fans who will pay to have their remains stored at the Camp Now forever and always — or at least for 50 to 99 years.

Currently, there is only space for 500 urns at the Les Corts cemetery — which lies adjacent to the Camp Nou — but the plan is to build a whole mausoleum underneath the stadium, with room for around 30,000 urns, once the Camp Nou is modernized or built anew. Interested fans will then be able to purchase large, Barca-decorated ceramic slabs, behind which family members’ ashes can be stored.

The price is steep, however, and apparently the urns would not be able to remain there forever, which we thought was the whole point.

From The Guardian:

"Memorial Space FC Barcelona aims to be a link with the club forever, a tribute to those who wish to be bound forever to the club," said Santi Bach, the chief executive officer of Giem Sports, who are partners in the project.

Prices range from €3,000 (£2,480) to €6,000 to buy a space for 50 to 99 years.

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Bosnian fans hurl flares at each other, interrupt match

Bosnian league leaders Željezničar beat second-placed Borac 1-0 on Saturday, but the heavyweight showdown was marred by fiery altercations between the two clubs’ fan bases.

Just before halftime, supporters turned the stands into a battlefield by tossing exploding firecrackers at each other, causing a stoppage of play that lasted for a few minutes.

Sadly, this is just par for the course in the Balkans. Just a few weeks ago, Serbia’s top rivalry between Partizan and Red Star Belgrade turned into a massive bonfire as Partizan fans set their foes’ stadium literally aflame:


Pitch invader takes penalty kick, unfazed Tim Howard saves it

It’s not every day that a fan makes his way onto the field without getting caught by security in just a few seconds, and only the most talented of pitch invaders can manage to get their foot on the ball, or their hands on a player. But a pitch invader actually taking a penalty kick in the middle of a shootout, well, that’s got to be a first.

After last night’s International Champions Cup match between Everton and Juventus went into sudden death penalty kicks, a fan ran onto the pitch just as Juve’s Kwadwo Asamoah was stepping up to his kick and beat him to it. Everton’s Tim Howard was rather unimpressed, nonchalantly catching the ball that was, to be fair, hit right at him.

Sure, it wasn’t the best-taken penalty, but we doubt the fan cared much either way. It was a funny moment, and we can only tip our hat to the fan’s rambunctiousness. As Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m not even mad, that’s impressive!”

Update: We’re not 100% positive on this one, but we just might have a double offender on our hands. Last year, a man clad in the same headgear and jacket as Wednesday’s pitch invader creatively interrupted an interview with golfer Webb Simpson:

The man was then identified as Andrew James Dudley of England, reportedly a deforestation activist who calls himself, get this, “Jungle Bird.” He wasn’t charged.

Whether or not Jungle Bird got off for this as well, or if it is even him, we can’t know for sure. But you decide for yourself.