Some fans show how unhappy they are with their club by booing or jeering players. Some fans boycott games. The fans of Serbian second division Mačva Šabac show their disdain in an altogether different and far more harrowing way though.

On the morning of their game on Sunday against Bane Raška, club officials found something catching their eye in the center circle of the pitch. Much to their shock, a crucifix had been buried into the grass by perpetrators who had broken in the night before.

Even more worrying is the message displayed on the crucifix, translated as “Second division or this”.

Šabac managed to win their weekend encounter, putting themselves just two points behind second place in the league. There’s certainly better ways to motivate your side though, surely?

Check the video above for the footage. Creepy!


The idea was literally seven years in the making, but it was certainly worth it…

When Nacional supporters decided in 2006 to produce and unfurl the what is probably the biggest tifo ever at a football match, uncertain glances were cast. During their game against Toluca in the Copa Libertadores last night however, the unimaginable finally happened.

The gigantic tifo is 600m in length and 54m in height, and it took more than 18 months to print. Canvassing most of the stadium, we hope that the Nacional fans didn’t miss their club’s 4-0 demolition of Toluca.

Video via @101greatgoals.


This will bring back bad memories to Sheffield Wednesday keeper Chris Kirkland, who was attacked by a Leeds fan earlier in the season. The ‘craze’ has now spread into the lower leagues judging by this unsavory incident from a fourth-tier match in England. Watch as Wycombe goalkeeper Jordan Archer is attacked by a Gillingham fan just as he is about to take a goal-kick.