Looking For A Job In Soccer? How Does ‘England U-21 Manager’ Sound?

Considering that coaching moves are often just as trailed by rumors, allegations of tapping-up and overall drama as most player transfers, England has decided to take a slightly different route in their hunt for a new coach for the U-21 National Team.

Rather than prod well-established managers in the media or hire within their own ranks, the English FA has elected to follow a more traditional process by posting a job listing on their official job site. 

While the listing calls for a series of UEFA coaching licenses as well as a history of high-level performance in a professional environment, we’re pretty sure that a decent track record in FIFA or Football Manager would work, right?

If you’re interested in the job (of course you are), head over to the English FA site and send in your resume!

(Via: DirtyTackle)


If you were too busy watching “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones” on Sunday night (and who could blame you really), you missed out on  the biggest Harlem Shake ever before El Super Clasico match between Guadalajara and Club America at Estadio Omnilife.

Yes, we’re tired of watching this dance phenomenon just as the other person. Yet, what made this version unique is that every person imaginable - from players, coaches, referees, fans and workers - participated in the spectacle.

Don’t believe us? Check it out!