FC Santa Claus promoted to Finnish third division

As the debate over the existence of Santa Claus rages on in kindergartens around the world, one thing we do know for certain: FC Santa Claus is an actual, real football club in Finland. With a very awesome logo, too:


And wouldn’t you know, Santa just got promoted!

Yes, Christmas has indeed come early for the supporters of this small club inside the Arctic Circle (Lapland, more specifically) after clinching promotion to the Kakkonen division of Finnish football. The decisive goal was scored by Kris Kring… — nah, just kidding — Jaakko Paavilainen in the 94th minute of their match vs ORPa, sending the team’s commentators into a frenzy:

Watch out, Kakkonen squads. Santa Claus really is coming to town!

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Union Berlin host 27,500 fans on Christmas Eve for caroling event

Ten years ago, 89 fans snuck into Union Berlin’s stadium to sing Christmas songs after a string of losses, serving as sort of a morale booster. The next year, the club decided to make it an annual, sanctioned event, and the tradition has been growing ever since.

This time around, Union is competing for promotion to the Bundesliga at the halfway point of the German second division. To celebrate, 27,500 supporters showed up to the stadium of the “Alte Försterei,” a new record.

A grand total of 72,000 people reportedly expressed interest in tickets, which were free, but not a single person more would have fit in the grounds.

A dozen or so of the club’s players and their families also joined the festivities, as well as former German national team defender Christof Metzelder, who was blown away by the scenes:

Video H/T Berliner Morgenpost


Season’s Greetings from Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Manchester City

There are many ways to wish you all a happy holiday season, but we feel the best way (and most hilarious) is to let some of the biggest stars in football do it for us.

Here, for example, we have a bunch of Barcelona players sending you season’s greetings in their native tongues. Shaky camera work, but we’ll let it slide:

Bayern Munich one-upped Barca like last year in the Champions League, getting the whole team together to perform “Jingle Bells” in English. Or something like it.

We’re getting warmer in the humor department:

Not a fan? Well, then Manchester City’s John Guidetti should do the trick.

Guidetti may not be on the field much, but he’s the undisputed champ of performing Christmas classics. For proof, check out his renditions of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” and Wham’s “Last Christmas.” They are both outstanding 

Oh yes, folks! Happy holidays, indeed.


Cyber Monday gift ideas for football’s finest

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, and with Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to get your holiday shopping done early. We took the liberty to come up with gift ideas for some of the biggest names in soccer.

Sepp Blatter - Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. We’ll start at the top of the food chain with the FIFA president. This one’s a no-brainer.

imageThat’s a good look for you, Sepp. (Image: Olivia Bush/FOXSports)

Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale - Hair gel. Multiple bottles because you just know they’re running through those things fast.

Luis Suarez - Mouth guard. So that these things don’t happen again:


Franck Ribery - Ballon d’Or replica. Thanks to FIFA mysteriously extended the voting deadline, Ribery will likely lose out to Ronaldo after earlier being tabbed as the frontrunner. Poor Franck. Let’s play it safe and get him one now.

Ronaldinho - Retainers. To protect that beautiful new smile of his.

imageJose Mourinho - Romelu Lukaku. We hear that the Special One is looking for a new striker.

Andrea Pirlo - a new razor. Just kidding, the day he loses his majestic beard is the day we go on a year-long sabbatical. Get him one of these, instead.

Bayern president Uli Hoeness - Turbo Tax kit. You know what, better make that two kits. Messi needs one, too.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Nothing. Just as Zlatan’s wife doesn’t get anything for Christmas (“She already has Zlatan,” in his own words), neither does he. All he needs is Zlatan.

Arjen Robben - A new pair of long underwear, naturally.

imageNobody rocks leggings like Robben, but it looks like he’s in need of some more (Image: Getty)

David Beckham - CR7 underwear. What do you get the man who has everything, including his own underwear line? Only a gag gift will do, and nothing would be funnier than something from his biggest rival in the underwear game. It’s either that or Fergie’s new book.

Gerard Pique, Messi, Sergio Ramos and all other recent footballing fathers - Frank Lampard’s children’s books collection. For the kids!

imageAnd you thought we were kidding (Image: Daily Mail)


Steven Gerrard put on the spot by 10-year-old Liverpool fan

In one of our favorite recurring segments, Kop Kids presents another sit-down interview with a young fan and a club superstar.

Here we see 10-year-old Reds fan Finn getting a chance to sit down with Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard.

Some highlights:

  • What Gerrard has on his Christmas list
  • Which players give Gerrard the most cheek
  • The England captain’s favorite actor is Robert De Niro
  • Gerrard can’t stand sprouts
  • Young Finn gets the exclusive on Gerrard’s breakfast
  • The boy actually has a pretty righteous shot!

The whole video is so darn cute that’s it worth watching by itself, but Finn actually gives a pretty informative interview. All we can say is: Enjoy!

(h/t Reddit)


Soccer heroes celebrate Christmas


Gerard Pique and Shakira posted together for a sweet photo on Christmas eve. The Barcelona defender wrote, “Cagant el Tió a Sant Guim amb tota la familia!” on his Twitter page.


Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta: “Getting ready for Christmas…I’ve been named the ham opener of the family!”


Manchester United keeper David de Gea celebrated Christmas Eve with Fabio, Rafael, Angelo Henriquez and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez.


Late Sunday night, thousands of FC Union Berlin supporters gathered in the Stadion An der Alten Försterei for their tenth annual Christmas celebration event. Fans father and spread Christmas cheer by waving candles, lighting flares, singing Christmas tunes and football chants. What a way to ring the holiday season.