Chilean miners who survived collapsed mine appear in chilling World Cup ad


Chile’s national team supporting the miners in 2010. Now the miners are returning the favor. (Image: Reuters)

Shortly after the 2010 World Cup, a group of Chilean miners captured the world’s attention as they were trapped inside a collapsed mine. The 33 men survived an incredible 69 days underground, and were all successfully rescued as the globe watched.

Now, they’ve banded together to urge on their country in this summer’s World Cup. The group gathered at the mine to give this powerful message. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, this will give you chills:

Mario Sepulveda, one of the trapped miners, explained the ad to the AP:

"My message to our Chile team is that we’re going to win. They have the talent and a whole country behind them and they must battle until the end. There are harder things in life and you can conquer them. Chile will not only pass to the second round, but it will surprise everyone."

You won’t see a more intense and moving World Cup ad for a long time.

(H/T DirtyTackle, SB Nation)