Band together: Japanese team scores brilliant free kick


A cheeky set-piece routine is one of our favorite things here at the FOX Soccer Blog, because there’s always a 50/50 chance it fails miserably. And we love seeing others fail. Japanese second-division side Kyoto Sanga FC, however, were right on the money with their unconventional free kick.

In a game against Yokohama, five of Kyoto’s players lined up and produced a series of dummies before one eventually blasted it top shelf into the net:

Not so ‘dummy’ now, is it!?

As we mentioned, not all innovative free kick routines work out quite as well. Here are a couple of our favorite fails:

The “Let’s both hit it at the same time” free kick

The “I’ll fall to the ground and head it to you” free kick:

H/T 101GG


Lyon’s Clement Grenier scores no-look volley against Real Madrid

Do preseason goals count when we tally up FIFA goal of the year candidates? Because this one needs to make the list.

Olympique Lyon's Clement Grenier scored this golazo in Wednesday's friendly against Real Madrid without even looking at the net. The 22-year old French international, who scored seven Ligue 1 goals last season for Lyon, struck home a cross from Alexandre Lacazette with the inside of his right foot, while cheekily looking the other way. Showboating at its finest!

The only thing cooler than the goal is his casual celebration. We have a feeling if this was in a Champions League match, everyone - the media included - would be going crazy over this.  Alas, that’s the preseason for you.