USWNT’s Yael Averbuch unleashes inner rap mogul


And if you don’t know, now you know!

Yael Averbuch of the U.S. women’s national team may not be as recognizable to casual fans as Alex Morgan, Hope Solo or Abby Wambach, but the 27-year-old midfielder rocks out on social media, and apparently, also raps. Averbuch got all of our attention on Monday morning with this tweet:

We suspect Averbuch couldn’t wait to spit hot fire all over the internet — or maybe she underestimated the power of twitter — because 500 RTs was way too low of a bar to set. Sure enough, Averbuch’s dare garnered over 1,000 re-tweets by the end of the day, so she duly released a verse of Busta Rhymes’ H.A.M. remix (in three parts):

Anytime you’ve got your own hype man, you know you’re the real deal. Is a second career in the works? Someone get Jay-Z on the phone. If anything, this will surely help Averbuch gain some rapport with those who hadn’t known her before (okay, we’ll show ourselves out).