Brazuca travels the world with six cameras inside of it

We found out late last year that Brazuca, the official match ball for the 2014 World Cup, was beloved by many. Just one day in Brazil proved that. We love it, too.

This Monday, adidas will begin to share a truly unique perspective of the beautiful game through what they have dubbed “Brazucam.” A specially created ball with six HD cameras inside of it will capture moments across the world in a way we’ve never seen before.

If this is even half as cool as we’re expecting, you won’t want to miss out on the journey. We can’t wait.

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Pele, CR7 fight for fans’ affection in airline ad


It’s always humbling to find oneself in the presence of greatness. But what if two equally-great stars happen to be on the same flight?

Emirates Airline explores that very scenario in a new advertisement that comes just in time for the World Cup.

In the ad, Cristiano Ronaldo emerges from a fancy first-class bathroom and walks over to the even fancier onboard bar, when he overhears two fellow passengers whispering to each other. Cracking a smile, Ronaldo figures they’re talking about him like two giggly schoolgirls. But when the two talk about the “three World Cups” he’s won, the Portuguese star suddenly realizes he was mistaken. At that moment, the great Pele appears, smirking all the way as if to say “Calm down, rookie. They’re here for me.”

But to show that Emirates “connect all football fans,” no matter who they might adore, a third, younger passenger appears and asks for a picture with Ronaldo, presumably not recognizing the great Pele, which is absurd. The two legends smile at each other like, coming to the understanding that “hey, we are both so awesome.”

And then they all fly off to Brazil together, happily ever after. Because who wouldn’t be if they can afford a seat on that ostentatious airbus!

Watch the ad below:


Neymar and Gisele combine their powers for upcoming edition of Vogue

Vogue Brasil is putting together a special edition featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen and soccer star Neymar that will hit stands in June — we’re guessing the big tournament happening that month might have something to do with it.

Coincidentally, Gisele was also featured on the cover of Vogue Brasil last June. This year’s version will probably be just as popular. Probably.



Brazil legend Rivaldo retires from football


Rivaldo, one of the greatest midfielders of our generation and a living Brazilian legend, announced his retirement from football via Instagram Saturday:image

During his 24-year career, Rivaldo won the 2002 World Cup, the 2003 Champions League with AC Milan, and two La Liga titles with Barcelona, among many other accolades. He received the Ballon d’Or in 1999 and was voted into two World Cup all-star teams (1998 and 2002).

We invite you now to join us and take a moment to reminisce on Rivaldo’s brilliance. Perhaps his greatest goal came in 2001, on the final day of the La Liga season. Barcelona needed to beat Valencia in order to qualify for next year’s Champions League. Two minutes from time, with the match tied 2-2, Rivaldo stepped up:

And if that’s not enough for you, here are a lot more Rivaldo highlights:

Tchau, legend!


Little boy interrupts Brazil friendly, Neymar handles introductions



At the end of Brazil’s 5-0 friendly win against South Africa in Johannesburg, a little boy ran onto the pitch looking to greet his idols, and sure enough, he got that chance! Despite security’s efforts to retrieve the “pitch invader,” Neymar ran over to the boy, picked him up, and introduced him to the entire team.

It’s precisely moments like this that give soccer its reputation as “The Beautiful Game.”


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There is now video of the adorableness.


Adidas unveils “brazuca,” the official 2014 World Cup ball


She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

World Cup supplier adidas officially unveiled the ball for next summer’s extravaganza in an event at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

The brazuca is different from any other previous World Cup ball in several ways. What you notice right away is that it consists of only six polyurethane panels, down from the Jabulani’s eight panels. This follows adidas’ trend of reducing the number of seams on their balls; adidas’ first World Cup balls consisted of thirty-two panels.

The six thermal-bonded panels are irregularly shaped, almost propeller-like, and are meant to produce faster flight speed, a more stable flight path and maintain true roundness. This should be music to the ears of goalkeepers and players who lambasted the Jabulani for its unpredictable flight path.

The surface texture of the ball is also new. The Jabulani was the first ball that featured tiny, raised nubs to improve traction and control in all weather conditions. The Brazuca also features these, but are round like on a basketball. The Jabulani’s nubs were more rectangular in shape. We’re not sophisticated enough to understand why, or even if, that makes much of a difference, though.


Then there’s the name itself, of course. For the first time ever, adidas let fans of the World Cup host nation name the ball. Millions of Brazilians turned out to vote, with “brazuca,” an informal word used by Brazilians to describe national pride, taking 77.8% of the vote. “Bossa Nova” was a distant second in the voting.

When adidas hosted media outlets at its World Cup kickoff event last month, we learned that their innovation lab already started developing the ball three years ago, and began testing the prototype just six months later. The brazuca thus became adidas’ most tested ball ever, with over 600 players involved throughout the process. The ball was also secretly tested at this year’s Under-20 World Cup.

imageThe brazuca is adidas’ most tested ball of all time

All that hard work seems to have paid off. Many of the game’s top stars have already taken a liking to it. Take a look:

If you wish, you can also follow the ball’s journey to Brazil on Twitter:

Images courtesy of adidas.


Brazilian babies to receive free World Cup ball

imageImage: adidas

Sounds like official World Cup supplier Adidas will be a big hit at baby showers this week. According to the Associated Press, all babies born in the World Cup host nation this coming Tuesday will receive a free soccer ball!

Tuesday, of course, is the day Adidas unveils the new official World Cup ball, and the company says that the special giveaway is part of a marketing campaign based on the notion that every Brazilian is born with a soccer ball “by its feet.”

Next year’s World Cup ball is called the Brazuca, an informal word that represents national pride.

Adidas said Friday that parents of every baby born on the designated day will be entitled to redeem a Brazuca on Dec. 6 and 7 at sites in all 12 host cities, provided they present the child’s birth certificate.


Nike releases Brazil’s World Cup kit

The moment every Brazilian has been waiting for is finally here: the release of the Selecao’s World Cup kit.

You’re not going to believe this, but it’s yellow and green, with blue shorts and white socks:


The only notable difference from past shirts is the subtle V-neck look, though techies can nerd out over Nike’s use of 3D body-scanning. The torsos of every member of the Brazilian squad were measured to produce custom-fit shirts. Obviously regular folk won’t receive that benefit, but Nike’s best-selling international jersey is still set to make a killing, especially within the World Cup host country.

Brazil’s manager Luiz Felipe Scolari said, “The shirt looks great, the only thing missing is a sixth star. We aim to have that on there after the World Cup.”

…and then everyone will need to buy the updated kit.


Images: Nike