Chelsea make history, win Europa League on stoppage time goal

What. A. Finish. Branislav Ivanovic rose higher than everyone else on Chelsea’s last-minute corner kick in stoppage time, and his arching header sailed past Benfica goalie Artur and into the back of the net for a dramatic, late, Europa League-winning goal.

Incredibly, Chelsea are now simultaneous Champions League and Europa League title holders. Congratulations!


Having an old friend for dinner, Suarez?


It seems there is only one way to prevent Liverpool striker Luis Suarez from taking bite-size chunks out of opposition defenders. We at FOX Soccer are becoming increasingly worried by the Uruguayan’s flesh-eating tendencies (remember he did the same thing at Ajax) and don’t think counseling is the answer, so we have taken inspiration from Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs to prevent any further cannibal attacks. Hey Luis, try eating a hearty meal before a game!