Sergio Ramos serenades girlfriend on TV, makes all other boyfriends look bad

What is it with soccer stars surprising their ladyfriends on TV and bringing them to tears?

Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos, who has never been afraid to showcase his harmonious side, came up with the great idea to surprise his girlfriend on national TV with a nice little ditty seen above.

Pilar Rubio, Ramos’ girlfriend and guest on the show “El Hormiguero,” couldn’t contain herself when Casanova himself came out crooning with guitar in hand.

The oldest celebrity trick in the book, but it works every time. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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Mario Balotelli involves girlfriend in bold claim about Real Madrid


Mario Balotelli might have some explaining to do the next time he sees his Belgian model girlfriend Fanny Neguesha. And hopefully she’s in the mood for a good joke.

The AC Milan star recently joked to Spanish newspaper Marca that he’ll let Real Madrid players get intimate with his better half if they reach the Champions League final:

“If Real Madrid come back against Borussia Dortmund and make it to the Final of the Champions League, then I will let my girlfriend sleep with all the players.”

While a comeback seems unlikely - Dortmund thrashed the Spanish giants 4-1 in their Champions League semifinal first leg match last week, leaving the Germans closer to a date at Wembley next month - it’s an outrageous comment even for Super Mario.

UPDATE: Milan denied that Balotelli said this, in a statement saying, “Milan would like to make it clear that the player never made any comments regarding the match.”


Diego Maradona appears to have a new girlfriend?

Diego Maradona appears to have a new girlfriend. His ex-partner just gave birth to a baby he fathered. And the same ex-partner is also involved in a legal dispute with the Argentine football great’s former wife.

In the last few days local media have been awash with news and photos about a new woman in Maradona’s life, who has been identified as 22-year-old Rocio Geraldine Oliva.

Maradona, 52, has declined to confirm the relationship - but he also hasn’t denied it. A photo of Maradona holding a poster with the words ”Rocio Te Amo” (Rocio I love you), and another photo of the two toasting each over glasses of champagne have been widely circulated in the Argentine media.

”I’m fine, relaxed and in love with Diego,” Oliva said Wednesday in a television interview. ”What others say means nothing to me.”

Reports about the new romance surfaced two weeks ago when Maradona’s long-time partner Veronica Ojeda gave birth in Buenos Aires to a baby boy who was named Diego Fernando. He has already been nicknamed ”Dieguito,” and Maradona - who is working in Dubai - has yet to return to Argentina to see him.