Bayern Munich players try hand at basketball, should stick to soccer

Bayern Munich is arguably the best soccer team in the world right now. Sure, there are arguments to be made for other squads, but we’re not here to do that.

There’s no argument, however, that Bayern’s basketball team will not be recruiting the help of any of their soccer club-mates.

Seen in the video above (in what loosely can be defined as a shootaround) Bayern stars like Thomas Muller and Dante show off their skills on the hardwood. Even Javi Martinez flushed a sweet dunk.

It doesn’t take long to see the Bayern soccer luminaries aren’t quiet as deft with a ball in their hands as they are with one at their feet, which makes sense.

After a few blatant traveling violations, double dribbles and bricked shot attempts, Muller and Co. proceed to ditch their hands. In a wise move, they stick to the appendages they know best: their heads and feet.

That’s when things start to take off, as the two Bayern Munich sports teams combine to bring a little Harlem Globetrotter flavor to Morocco. What starts as a pretty cringe-worthy performance (see: Muller’s hook shot) turns into a pretty awesome show.


Mario Balotelli the latest soccer star trying out American sports

The International Champions Cup has not only been a great opportunity for American fans to enjoy their favorite European stars in action, but also a chance for those players to try their hands at American sports.

We’ve already seen Andrea Pirlo and Leonardo Bonucci fool around on the football field, and who could forget this classic:

Out of the bunch, Balotelli seems the closest to having his talents translate to other sports, as these thunderous jams above prove. Maybe Super Mario and Steve Nash, who’s proven he can keep up on the soccer pitch, can coordinate a brief player swap next season?


Steve Nash’s tryout with Inter Milan went well

We’re all about sports crossover today, and as we mentioned last week, Los Angeles Lakers star Steve Nash was offered a guest tryout with Inter Milan as they prepared for the International Champions Cup in New York. We now have footage of the tryout, and it looks like Nash can definitely hang.

Nash, a huge soccer fan, Spurs supporter and part-owner of MLS’ Vancouver Whitecaps franchise, said the experience was like “Christmas morning” for him in an extensive interview with Grant Wahl, which you can see below:


Kobe Continues his Off-Season Tour, Visits AC Milan


Photos via @ACMilan

The last time we checked in with Kobe Bryant, he was busy acting like an average tourist, posing for photos with practically everyone at the Confederations Cup. This time around, well, it’s much of the same actually:


Still recovering from his torn achilles that ended his NBA season in April, Bryant has elected to spend a portion of his off-season rehabbing at AC Milan’s Milanello training center.

Sporting a customized Milan jersey with his name and number, Bryant spoke to AC Milan about his love for the team and his favorite Milan players. The interview might be in Italian, but we can definitely make out references to Frank Rijkaard and Marco van Basten, as well as the fact that Bryant has a Milan scarf hanging in his den in Los Angeles.

No matter the television commercials or sneaker sponsorships, it seems that Kobe is a soccer fan just like the rest of us.


Joakim Noah is pumped up after scoring in charity soccer match

Love him or hate him, one thing is undeniable about NBA star Joakim Noah: his energy is second to none.

Noah proved this again after going on a spirited victory lap once scoring in a charity soccer match held by Steve Nash’s “The Steve Nash Foundation” charity match in New York City. The Chicago Bulls center celebrated as if he had won the World Cup after blasting a low shot in the bottom right corner, and for his efforts took home the game’s MVP award to boot.

Excessive gesticulating aside, you gotta hand it to Noah: for a man as huge as him, the former Florida University standout showed some nifty footwork there.

(H/T NESN.com)


USWNT’s Lauren Cheney marries NBA star Jrue Holiday

Still thinking about that classic four-day July 4th weekend?

Just know, it probably wasn’t as awesome as US Women’s National Team star Lauren Cheney’s. Well, actually she is Lauren Holiday now! The US playmaker married NBA star Jrue Holiday yesterday to cap off the holiday (no pun intended) weekend.

Cheney’s club team, FC Kansas City of the NWSL, tweeted out this great picture:

As you could imagine, plenty of stars from both the soccer and the basketball world were in attendance:

Speaking of Leroux, looks like she enjoyed her long weekend as well. Looking fly!


(photo via Instagram: sydneyleroux)


Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos mixes up NBA team cities


As the Spanish national team prepare for their match vs. Haiti at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, the defending European champions were able to take in Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat.

While the players were understandably excited, it might have helped to do a little research. We’re looking at you Sergio Ramos:

Image via @SergioRamos

For the record, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat on Thursday night. We’ll cut the Real Madrid superstar some slack, after all, English isn’t his first language. To his credit, he immediately deleted the post and corrected himself. Still, there are many questions that need to be answered, such as:

1) Why is Ramos such a big Heat fan?

2) Why does Ramos have a LeBron James jersey and no pants on in his Twitter background?


3) Why is there someone in a banana suit trying to get autographs from the defending World Cup champ?



Trecker’s Travels, Day Eight: Jam it up!


By: Jamie Trecker

LONDON— It was the matchup we all anticipated: Barcelona and Real Madrid in London for the Champions League final. And it did take place – but not at Wembley Stadium.

 This weekend, the 02 Arena here is hosting the Euroleague basketball finals, the latest attempt to bring the game to England’s capital. Major soccer clubs boast basketball teams now – Olympiakos and CSKA Moscow are the other two sides involved in the four-team tournament — and the game’s increasing popularity has meant that England is involved in something of a tug-of-war. The NBA have been holding exhibitions here for several years and talk of a permanent franchise here has grown more serious than speculative.

Basketball has yet to make the inroads in England that it has across Europe. The fact that these games were held at all was treated as a bit of a comic footnote by the sports pack here, and a way to get “Barcelona” and “Real Madrid” into a headline for the web. But 16,000 people didn’t think it was a gag, showing up for the three-game series on a weekend normally given over to the FA Cup.

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