Mourinho warns ball boy that “one day somebody will punch you”


Sure, Jose Mourinho meant well when he approached a Crystal Palace ball boy during Chelsea’s 1-0 loss at Selhurst Park today. The poor kid looked confused as all get out.

"Mr. Mourinho, isn’t there a match you’re supposed to be managing?"

Apparently the Special One felt it necessary to lecture the young boy on his time-wasting tactics, warning him that things might not be so pretty next time (as we know, Eden Hazard has no patience for unruly ball boys).

So what words of wisdom did Jose impart on the youngster?

“I told him not to do that [waste time] because he runs the risk of one of my players to punch him or to lose his temper, so don’t do that because you are risking [retaliation],” Mourinho said after the loss.

While we’re sure Jose meant well, but telling a young kid that there’s a threat of physical harm for his nonsense probably wasn’t the best idea. Then again, it’s likely he got the point across.

Watch Mourinho’s full comment here:


Atletico Madrid dump ball boy who pranked Ronaldo

Remember the Atletico ball boy who gave Cristiano Ronaldo a hard time in the Madrid derby two weekends ago?

The young teen — now identified as Iván — famously baited Ronaldo with a ball before chucking it away from him, a blatant and bold attempt at time-wasting. The act drew both criticism and laughter in social media circles, but the fun’s over now. According to Marca, the self-confessed “Atleti fan and player from the age of 9”  has been pulled from first-team duty following the incident.

Iván reportedly bragged about his actions in the days following the match, but he now expresses remorse for his actions. After deleting all the brash messages he wrote in the aftermath of the match, Iván posted an apology in their place: “I apologise for anything I said about the derby match, because that’s not the Atlético de Madrid ball boy way. Come on Atleti!”
H/T Marca