No bluff: Ronaldo challenges Rafael Nadal to a live poker showdown


Brazilian soccer icon Ronaldo has thrown down the gauntlet in a poker duel against Rafael Nadal.

If that sounds completely random, fear not. The two stars actually squared off head-to-head in last year’s European Poker Tour Prague Charity Challenge, which raised nearly $130,000.

The 14-time Grand Slam champ emerged victorious in the first meeting at the tables, and Rafa isn’t short on confidence heading into his next challenge:

"… one year later I’m more confident with my skill level. I really enjoy playing poker and the challenge of learning as quickly as possible, so I can’t wait to get back into training on my game," Nadal said, via the Daily Mail.

But “Il Fenomeno” isn’t backing down despite Nadal already having bested him, saying, “This time it will be different, though, because I have been improving on my poker strategy and will be more prepared.”

PokerStars.com are putting on the event, which will broadcast live on Sept. 22.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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Manuel Neuer stars in German version of “Monsters University”

What’s up with all these goalkeepers trying to break into the movie business?

Of course, we all know about Pepe Reina’s life ambitions on the side, having already starred in a popular Spanish comedy short film this season.

Now, add Bayern Munich and Germany keeper Manuel Neuer to the list of Hollywood dreamers. Neuer will play the voice of Frank McCay in the upcoming movie “Monsters University”, albeit the German version of course.

You can’t really hate on Neuer for looking for extra work. He’s barely had anything to do in the Bayern net all season.