Tim Sherwood takes offense to Jorge Jesus during Europa League loss

Thursday wasn’t a great day for Tottenham, having had their Europa League dreams essentially dashed by Benfica in a 3-1 loss.

The already-tense affair grew even more testy after Luisao scored his second goal of the contest. Benfica boss Jorge Jesus celebrated by throwing up three fingers, which appeared to be in the direction of the Tottenham technical area.

Spurs manager Tim Sherwood caught sight of it and took exception. At one point it looks as though Sherwood even squared Jesus up before thinking better of it.  The world’s tiniest fourth official then stood between the managers as they shouted at each other, and cooler heads finally prevailed.

After the match, Jesus pleaded his innocence, saying: “I was saying ’number three, Luisao. Number three.’ That’s his own problem if he felt like that.”

Sherwood was unamused and accused Jesus of lacking class. “I thought his team were very good and showed a lot of class. It’s just a shame their manager didn’t,” Sherwood said.

"Waving goodbye like that? It lacks class. Why would anyone do that? He’s got a good side, of course he has, but not for me thank you. I have no intention of speaking to him.”

We can’t wait to see what the second leg has in store next week at Lisbon.


Actors prove just how silly the soccer vs. football argument is

Warning NSFW: Video contains some inappropriate language.

Anyone who has read a comments section on YouTube knows the level ridiculousness that the conversations often fall to. One particularly awful brand of argument is the never-ending “soccer vs. football” one. If you frequent content about the beautiful game has read at least a dozen.

In a series in which British actors Grahame Edwards and Eryl Lloyd Parry dramatically perform YouTube comments, the two thespians take on the infamous argument. The resulting reenactment shows just how ridiculous the conversation truly is.

Bravo, gents. Maybe fans will think twice before delving into this petty argument.



Teams threaten to boycott league if player doesn’t take gender test

Park Eun-Seon was the South Korean women’s soccer league’s top scorer last season with 19 goals in 22 games for Seoul City. Now, her rival teams’ coaches have threatened to boycott the new season if Park does not have a gender test. 

Unfortunately for the pack of sore losers, the Korea Football Association responded that Park passed a gender test when she was 15 and that there is no need for another test. Park, 26, played for South Korea in the 2003 Women’s World Cup and the 2004 Olympics.

Park’s gender was called into question once before, prior to the AFA Women’s Asian Cup tournament in 2010. South Korea did not select Park to the squad.

From Sky Sports:

"We have no intention of accepting the gender verification test just to stop the boycott," said Seoul Sports Council general secretary Kim Joon-Soo.

"But if it is needed for Park to compete in an international game and under specific regulations of FIFA, we will consider it. This is a serious violation of human rights that she’s suffering for a second time," said Kim.

"The question regarding Park’s gender identity shall never be raised again. The city of Seoul will take all necessary measures to protect our player’s human rights."


Park Eun-Seon’s gender has come into question once again (Image: Haberist)

The boycott threat was issued by six of the seven WK-League teams, but on Thursday one of the coaches said he was resigning from the request. That coach reportedly insisted that their motives had been misunderstood and that they had simply been joking.

Terrible joke, we reckon.

On her Facebook page Park said she felt “humiliated” by again facing questions about her gender. “I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and I will not give up easily. I know what these people are trying to do, and I won’t fall down,” she added.


Diego Maradona takes swipe at former son-in-law Sergio Aguero


You always hear stories about nightmarish in-laws, but what if your former father-in-law is Diego Maradona?

Not a good situation, but it’s the position Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero finds himself in. And he certainly isn’t in Maradona’s good graces.

After a four-year marriage, Aguero and Maradona’s daughter, Giannina, called it quits, and it seems that things were less-than-amicable.


Speaking with Argentine radio, Diego called Aguero a “wimp, who I don’t even want to name.”

For his part, Aguero took the high road when responding to the comments via Facebook:


"It was always clear to me that Benjamin (son) was above everything. I was never, ever okay with my personal life being out in the public eye. This is why I spoke to those close to me, and advised that they refrain from making comments. "

Aguero added: “I never spoke in these topics before. This is the first and last time. I hope everyone understands.

"For everyone’s own good and well-being, especially Ben, we need to resolve this in an amicable manner. This is what’s worked for me so far, no need to change it up."

H/T Metro

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