Levski Sofia coach stripped of team’s jersey by angry fans

Being forced to strip off your shirt isn’t exactly the ideal scenario for one of your first days at work. But that’s precisely what happened to Bulgarian club Levski Sofia’s former manager, Ivaylo Petev.

Petev resigned from his post on Wednesday, after angry fans charged Petev at his unveiling for Levski, forcing the new manager to take off two layers of shirts with the Levski brand on them. Fast forward to about the 45-second mark to see the scene unfold.

The reasoning for the fans’ hostile (and ridiculous) actions? According to Reuters, the ultras believed Petev was actually a supporter of bitter rival club CKSA Sofia.

With the coach obviously dismayed, the rabid ultras shouted: “You’re not welcome here. Get up, undress the shirt and go. Levski will not play under you as coach,” per Reuters. They then stripped Petev of his shirts before letting the coach escape.

Never mind that that’s utterly insane, you might be asking where security was during all of this. Nowhere to be found, apparently. But we’re glad Petev got out of there before a potential loss to CSKA Sofia.

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Paolo di Canio faces angry Sunderland fans after loss to West Brom



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Has Paolo di Canio taken a page out of Jose Mourinho’s notebook?

The embattled Sunderland boss walked back out onto the pitch for a quick “chat” with his supporters on Saturday after a 3-0 loss at West Brom, which left the Black Cats with just one point from their first five Premier League matches.

Heavily criticized by fans over his team’s awful start to the season, Di Canio curiously decided to face the music in similar fashion to what Mourinho had done last year. You may remember, the “Special One” walked out onto the Bernabeu pitch prior to a Real Madrid match to “offer” fans a chance to boo him personally, which they did.

Di Canio’s act, in comparison, came very much out of the blue. Instead of addressing his team in the locker room, he clearly felt he needed to give some attention to his agitated fan base. As you can see, it wasn’t particularly convincing. Di Canio shrugged his shoulders a few times and pointed to his chin, as if to say, “Keep your head up, lads”

Perhaps Di Canio should take his own advice. He may need to look around for a new job very soon.


Angry fans throw chairs at club chairman (no pun intended but intended)

Getting relegated always makes for an uncomfortable next press conference. When it happens to be the first relegation in the club’s 108-year history - in the soccer hotbed of Argentina, no less - it’s downright a nightmare.

Club Atletico Independiente president Javier Cantero can vouch for that first hand after his team dropped from Argentina’s top flight for the first time since its founding in 1904.

Cantero’s season-ending press conference was suddenly interrupted by a mob of angry fans who began flinging chairs at Cantero and any poor soul with him on stage. With the mob calling for his head (his resignation), Cantero was forced to flee the scene.

Next time, maybe send your spokesman out there instead?

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-Thomas Hautmann (@HautmannOnFOX)