David Beckham cheats against little kids in China

David Beckham is “beck” in China to resume his role as Global Football Ambassador, and as was the case last time, another great video has hit the web from his visits. Beckham’s age got exposed in a little pick-up scrimmage, so Becks had to resort to a little gamesmanship.

That video’s cute, but who can forget this classic from Beckham’s last trip to the Far East?


Beckham begins Football Ambassador role in China

Nǐ hǎo, Becks!

David Beckham arrived in Beijing today to begin his role as China’s first global football ambassador!  On his first four-day visit, Beckham received a big reception by fans and media, as you would come to expect.

While still playing for Paris Saint-Germain, for free because he donated his salary to charity, Beckham will attend league matches in China and visit schools to promote the game at grassroots level. And on this trip, he even played a little pick-up, still in his suit.

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