Puma haunts Brazilians with “Ghost of 1950” in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil last hosted a World Cup in 1950, and it was one that ended in unmitigated disaster for El Selecao.

Facing Uruguay in the final in front of 200,000 plus at Maracana Stadium, Brazil let a 1-0 lead slip away in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in football history. The memory haunts Brazilians to this day, and Puma is apparently looking to keep it that way.

In a brilliant piece of marketing, Uruguay’s official kit sponsor sent “The Ghost of 1950” (“El Fantasma del 50”) to Rio de Janeiro to remind Brazilians of their national nightmare. In the TV spot, you’ll find a couple fantastic shots of the ghost scaring the beejezus out of beach-goers and pedestrians.

All in good fun, unless Brazil suffer another heart-breaking loss to Los Charruas.

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Brazilian advertisement mocks Diego Costa


Diego Costa’s national team allegiance had been a topic of much debate this past year. Many couldn’t imagine Costa, a born Brazilian, to pass on an opportunity to represent the Selecao and bring World Cup glory to the host nation, immortalizing himself in the process. But to the prolific striker, who has taken the world by storm this year with a flurry of goals for Atletico Madrid, felt that Spain had become his home, that Spain had given him everything in life. On October 29th this year, after having previously featured for Brazil in a pair of exhibition games, Costa ultimately announced he would play for Spain.

After the change of heart, Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari, always of the belief Costa would play for him next summer, was incensed:

A Brazilian player who refuses to wear the shirt of the Brazilian national team and compete in a World Cup in your country is automatically withdrawn. He is turning his back on a dream of millions, to represent our national team, the five-time champions in a World Cup in Brazil.

To say Brazilians have not taken kindly to Costa’s choice is a severe understatement. A new advertisement for Brazilian car dealer Ceará Motor makes that all too clear. The tagline in the advert below contains the brutal tagline, “Unlike Diego Costa, this car fills Brazilians with pride”.


And that’s just the print version.

In the campaign’s latest radio ad, Brazil are beating Spain 1-0 in the World Cup final, when Spain gets awarded a last minute penalty to draw level. Of course, it’s Costa who steps up, and of course, he misses to the delight of listeners everywhere.

As Brazil are crowned, the commentator repeatedly shouts: “Chupa, Diego Costa!” meaning “Suck on that Diego Costa”. Subsequently, #ChupaDiegoCosta ended up trending on Twitter in Brazil.

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The Land of FC Barcelona

Who wouldn’t want to go hang out on an island with Lionel Messi, Neymar, Andres Iniesta, Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol? Well, except for Real Madrid fans.

This fantastical world only exists in the dreams of Barcelona fans, but that’s exactly what Barca and Qatar Airways created in their latest advertisement: The Land of FC Barcelona. It seems like a pretty wonderful place to go take a vacation, especially with Pique as the customs officer, Neymar making sure you don’t lose your luggage, Messi giving lessons in the performing arts and Iniesta creating beautiful wall paintings with a soccer ball. Also, who could turn down tickets to a showing of Das Golden Boot? Not us!

Better start saving up that vacation time now just in case this dreamland ever becomes a reality.