German player takes diving to a whole new level

imageIf they handed out a Golden Raspberry to the worst diver of the year, then Preußen Münster midfielder Benjamin Siegert would win 2014’s award in a landslide.

As if his initial dive against Sonnenhof Großapach wasn’t already terrible enough this weekend, Siegert upped the ante for the Ashley Youngs of the world with a truly ridiculous break-dance move at the end, miraculously jumping up from the ground before writhing in agony one more time: Truly horrific stuff. No wonder this guy plays in the third division. He’s clearly got to work on his play-acting skills if he wants to make it to the top!

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Manuel Neuer stars in German version of “Monsters University”

What’s up with all these goalkeepers trying to break into the movie business?

Of course, we all know about Pepe Reina’s life ambitions on the side, having already starred in a popular Spanish comedy short film this season.

Now, add Bayern Munich and Germany keeper Manuel Neuer to the list of Hollywood dreamers. Neuer will play the voice of Frank McCay in the upcoming movie “Monsters University”, albeit the German version of course.

You can’t really hate on Neuer for looking for extra work. He’s barely had anything to do in the Bayern net all season.