Two of the peace doves released in the World Cup opener are dead


What was supposed to be a symbol of peace had a tragic ending. Two of the three doves released during the World Cup opening ceremony instantly flew to their deaths.

But not to worry, one of the doves found safety in the press box, so hope for world peace is still alive and well.

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2014 World Cup Opening Match: A running diary of highs and lows


The World Cup opener had almost everything you could have expected; golazos from Neymar, bikini-clad females in the stands, lights going out in the stadium, a controversial penalty for the home team, Pitbull in capri pants. You know, no big surprises.

Still, it was an enthralling couple hours for anyone who feverishly awaited this day — so much so that you probably didn’t pick up on a few things. Luckily, we kept a running diary of the events, from the opening ceremony right down to the last kick:

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Croatia’s Eduardo da Silva to sing both national anthems in World Cup opener


Croatia striker Eduardo da Silva will sing both national anthems ahead of the 2014 World Cup opener against Brazil, according to his mother.

Born in Brazil, the former Arsenal star emigrated to Croatia as a teenager to play football and became a citizen back in 2002. Since then, da Silva has scored 29 times for his adopted country, though he still hangs to his Brazilian roots.

The World Cup draw had thus put da Silva and his family, which still resides in Brazil, in a unique position. With the two countries opening the festivities next Thursday, his mother admitted that there will be divided loyalties.

"I’m rooting for Eduardo da Silva, I understand that it is very important for him, but I’m also rooting for Brazil," she says in a video posted by the Daily Mail.

"Eduardo versus Brazil. He has said he will sing two anthems. He is Croatian for work, in his heart he is Brazilian."

It’s safe to say the best-case scenario for the da Silvas would be a draw next Thursday. Because should Croatia beat the hosts, that would make for one awkward family dinner.

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