World Cup Day 13: The Good, The Bad, and The (very) Ugly


Hungry for another World Cup recap? Chew on this:

Suarez’s third career bite for club and country was obviously THE viral story of the day, so we’re going to start with “the ugly” and save the best good for last. Bon appetit! 



Suarez is making a habit of snacking on his opponents (is human flesh really that tasty? Is the joke on us?). The Liverpool star was suspended ten Premier League games for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic last season, and 7 games by the Dutch league for munching on PSV’s Ottman Bakkal in 2010 while at Ajax. 

On Tuesday, Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini became Vampire Suarez’s latest victim. Note the bite mark on Chiellini’s shoulder in the picture above. The referee did not see it, so no foul was called, but the rest of the world’s population did and responded accordingly:

When the incident first happened, we weren’t exactly sure if Suarez seriously did it again. Good thing we have video replay now:

Yup. He really did it. For a THIRD time. Which begs the following, excellent questions:

If only these vendors had told Suarez this before the game:

In Suarez’s defense…

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World Cup Day 10: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This World Cup has been BANGIN’, am I right? Some things you simply cannot un-see, like Fuleco the World Cup mascot grinding on young females being one of them. Thanks, SB Nation.

No need to answer, we all know I’m right. Because with 83 goals scored in the first 29 matches, we’re almost on pace to equal the TOTAL amount of goals scored at each of the past two World Cups (146 in 2010, 147 in 2006) by the end of the group stage! Think about that for a second. No wonder Fuleco is so excited.

Done digesting that stat? OK, now check out the best tweets from yet another day of fast and furious World Cup action:



Remember when “Lionel Messi couldn’t do it at the World Cup?”

After two rather unforgettable tournaments in 2006 and 2010, “La Pulga” has now scored two match-winners in Argentina’s first two matches in Brazil, adding further weight to the thought that this may be his World Cup, similar to how Diego Maradona led La Albiceleste to the 1986 world title.

It took a little longer against Iran than versus Bosnia and Herzegovina — an excellent game-plan and performance from Team Meli is to blame for that — but Messi got it done when it mattered most, becoming the first Argentina player to score a winner in stoppage time of a World Cup match.

Understandably, this led Ray Hudson to go into full Ray Hudson Mode:

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Thomas Muller serves up his shot on a plate. Literally.


Germany’s Thomas Muller is just 24 years old and already one of the World Cup’s great scorers, with eight goals to his name in just seven career games.

But in a practice session on Thursday, the 2010 Golden Boot winner and joint-leading scorer in Brazil was a ways off target. Looking to hit a mini-net in a drill, Muller instead drove his effort high and wide… and straight onto a poor fan’s dinner plate.


Everything’s easier on bigger goals, isn’t it?


World Cup Day 4: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

imageDon’t worry “Pope.” Nobody’s judging you. Well, except…

How great has this World Cup been? Let’s start with this:

  • 2014 Brazil: 37 goals through first 11 games
  • 2010 South Africa: 18 goals through first 11 games

And this:

  • Only one of the first 11 games have produced LESS than 3 goals (Mexico 1-0 Cameroon)
  • Only one of the first 11 games in 2010 yielded MORE than 2 goals (Germany 4-0 Australia)

In other words: goals, goals and more goals! It’s beautiful!

Even Lionel Messi scored on Sunday (read more here), and we know how difficult that is for him:

And that’s not the only fantastic news. Herewith, we give you another edition of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.”


imageHaris Seferovic! He puts the team on his back!

The 2014 World Cup has already laid claim to being the “World Cup of comebacks.”

Switzerland’s last-second (literally) 2-1 win over Ecuador after being down, 1-0, at halftime was already the FIFTH come-from-behind victory through the first four days. To put that in perspective, there were only three comebacks during the entire 2010 tournament in South Africa.

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2014 World Cup Opening Match: A running diary of highs and lows


The World Cup opener had almost everything you could have expected; golazos from Neymar, bikini-clad females in the stands, lights going out in the stadium, a controversial penalty for the home team, Pitbull in capri pants. You know, no big surprises.

Still, it was an enthralling couple hours for anyone who feverishly awaited this day — so much so that you probably didn’t pick up on a few things. Luckily, we kept a running diary of the events, from the opening ceremony right down to the last kick:

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