Fair play: Bremen’s Aaron Hunt rejects penalty

In a game where diving to win penalties is as commonplace a practice as it is obnoxious and disgraceful, Werder Bremen’s Aaron Hunt offered a refreshing alternative: telling the truth!

With Bremen up 2-0 over Nurnberg on Saturday, Hunt was awarded a penalty when the referee thought Javier Pinola had tripped the Bremen winger. Pinola turned away steaming, but before any of his teammates could plead their case to the referee, Hunt came clean. After admitting he wasn’t fouled, the official reversed his decision, Hunt got a couple pats on the back, and Bremen, perhaps aided by the good karma, saw out the win.

By the way, what is it with Germans being so nice all the time now? Just a year ago, Miroslav Klose similarly corrected a referee decision and had a Lazio goal called back because he used his hand in the process:


Bremen’s Di Santo commits gruesome high boot to the face

Bundesliga side Werder Bremen have been miserably off target recently —they’ve managed one goal in their past three matches, all losses — but on Saturday, Bremen’s Franco di Santo did manage one clean strike. Unfortunately, it was to his opponent’s head, not the ball.

With Eintracht Frankfurt already up 1-0 midway through the first half, Di Santo caught Bastian Oczipka in the face with an awful high boot. The summer signing from Wigan was shown the red card straight away as Oczipka’s face bled profusely.

Thankfully, Oczipka was able to play on despite getting his nose stuffed with studs, and the man advantage helped Eintracht see out an easy win over tumbling Werder.

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