German ice hockey team plays “ice football”

Well this looks like a fun, completely safe time.

Ice football? What could possibly go wrong?!

That’s right, German ice hockey team EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams offered their fans something a little bit different during a recent pre-season training session, taking part in a soccer scrimmage — on the ice!

As you can see, the only thing wackier than the light-hearted practice was the punishment for the losers - they had to perform somersaults on the ice.

The pros might make it look easy, but please don’t try this home. We cannot stress that enough.

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Vancouver Whitecaps lose player to ‘off-field walking accident’


We’ve all been there.

You’re walking around downtown, without a care in the world, when something across the street grabs your attention.

Maybe it’s a cute girl, or boy. Maybe it’s a shiny new Ferrari (humans love shiny things), or a new frozen yogurt shoppe that just looks so appealing! Whatever it may be, you stare a little bit longer, when suddenly — BANG! — down you go. 

What the heck?! That bike rack came out nowhere!

It’s okay, we all eventually fall victim to the occasional walking hazard. Unfortunately, when you’re a professional athlete, the embarrassing mishap quickly goes viral. Sorry, Nigel Reo-Coker.

According to Major League Soccer’s official website, the Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder faces a short spell on the sidelines after what the league termed an “off-field walking accident.” The club confirmed that Reo-Coker was “looking elsewhere while walking when he tripped over a bike rack, cutting his face and hitting his head in the process.” According to the CBC, he also suffered a slight concussion.

Ouch. That sounds pretty rough, though not nearly as brutal as the roasting he’s sure to receive from his teammates. And from his coach, Carl Robinson, for that matter. “I don’t think he was looking where he was going, which is never a good sign for a midfield player,” Robinson deadpanned to reporters.

At least the former West Ham and Aston Villa player can take solace in this: as far as oddball injuries are concerned, it could have been a lot worse.


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It was wonderfully weird day in the soccer world

First, we watched a former player turned radio host eating a rat because he lost a bet.

Then, news came across that a small Brazilian club raffled off a sheep at halftime to try to boost attendance. Seriously. A living, breathing sheep.

And finally, the scoreboard at Crew Stadium caught fire before the match between Columbus and D.C. United started. And yes, there is video.


How can you not love this wonderful sport, both the magnificent and the wacky?