Zlatan Ibrahimovic plays tennis against Novak Djokovic

We don’t need to tell you that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a man of many talents. In fact, there’s nothing Zlatan is not good at (except for losing). But it might shock you to find that his tennis game on Saturday transcended his footie skills.

Ibra was in attendance to watch the former World No. 1 Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in the semifinals of the Paris Masters, and after the match, Djokovic naturally invited Paris’ biggest star onto the court for a little rally.

The two of them hit the ball back and forth a bit to the delight of the crowd, and Ibra showed off an impressive forehand. But when the Djoker suddenly opted to use his feet, Zlatan incredibly shanked the ball wide after a clumsy volley. This is probably the only time you will ever see Ibrahmovic fail at ball-kicking, so watch closely:

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Instant redemption: Belgian player misses penalty, then nets golazo

When thinking of good things that come from Belgium, typically foodstuffs come to mind; chocolate, waffles, beer and so on.

After seeing this creative goal, from Hoogstraten midfielder Glenn van der Linden, that list might need to be amended to include golazos.

Van der Linden lined up his penalty against Mouscron-Péruwelz goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja, but saw his effort denied.

Fortunately for van der Linden, the ball caromed right back to him, but he appeared to miss on his second effort, sending the ball skyward.

Still thinking on his feet, the man in white wouldn’t be denied and stroked a gorgeous bicycle-kick volley to finally beat the keeper.

While Hoogstraten might win the prize for “Coolest Goal of the Game,” their opponents came away with the real prize: a 2-1 victory.

(h/t Dirty Tackle)


Fan Cam: Paul Pogba’s screamer taken from best possible camera angle

Usually, when it comes to fan videos taken from the stands, they are just plain awful. But this particular supporter struck YouTube gold by offering us the perfect angle on a golazo by Juventus’ Paul Pogba.

Pogba scored this audacious half-volley last season against in a match against Udinese, but until now you couldn’t truly appreciate the incredible movement behind that ball. I mean that ball was swerving like Carlos Tevez on the freeway. Woosh!

Again, excellent camera work by the anonymous fan. A real Ken Burns in the making. As for Pogba, here’s a guy who has mastered the art of volleys. Remember, he scored this one also last season:

If you couldn’t tell, we’re a little excited that Serie A starts again this weekend.


Portugal’s version of the “Clasico” takes place between Porto and Benfica. And this weekend, the two teams made sure the tie lived up to its top billing, offering us four goals all of which were scored in the first 17 minutes!

The best of the bunch? Benfica’s Nemanja Matic’s stunning volley to tie it at 1-1 in the 10th minute, just two minutes after Porto went ahead. The game would end in a 2-2 draw.