Blindfolded Paul Pogba is still better than you at juggling

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has grown up right in front of our eyes this season. With six goals and four assists in league play, the 20-year-old is one of Serie A’s highest-rated players on the season, and a key component of a Juve team that is dominating Italy.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also very good at juggling… while blindfolded. Though Pogba botched his first couple attempts in the video above, on the third try he manages 19 touches, and even whips out some “Around the Worlds” for good measure.

This just proves once more that even a blindfolded Pogba could’ve probably been very useful to the Manchester United midfield this season, had Sir Alex Ferguson not let him leave to Juventus for free a couple of years ago.

The only question now is, what’s more impressive: juggling blindfolded or in high heels?


President Barack Obama shows off his impressive soccer moves

Juggling a global financial crisis, a possible insertion in Syria (and not to mention being a father and husband) can’t be an easy task for anyone. But juggling a soccer ball? All in a day’s work for the POTUS.

Barack Obama dropped by a high school in New York and crashed the practice of the girls and boys soccer teams. The Commander-in-Chief deftly takes a first touch for a quick juggle before greeting the entire boys team.

When’s the last time a guy in slacks and dress shoes moseyed onto a high school practice field and elicited that kind of awesome reaction? Truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and a reminder to youngsters to stay in school:

President Obama meeting the boys team at Tully Junior-Senior High School (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And of course, President Obama drops by to meet the Tully Junior-Senior High School girls soccer team (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And just for kicks, President Obama takes aim and shows off his footie skills (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

(h/t SBNation)


Hacky Sack Tricks Drown Out Doomsday Talk

If you’ve visited a college campus in the United States, you’re probably familiar with the legion of doomsday preachers who try to bring students down with their ‘end of the world’ chatter. While it’s usually hard to avoid their end of the world prophecies, it seems that someone found a way to drown them out: hacky sack tricks for days!

Check out the video above, in which the best hacky sack player we’ve ever seen and a doomsday preacher simultaneously show off their “talents” in front of students at the University of Missouri. It’s quite obvious who won the students’ attention.

(Via: 101GG)


Real Madrid, Barca legends square off in Futsal match

When it comes to legends games, it’s clear that many of the old timers are simply nowhere near their playing shape, often making for slow-paced games that don’t make for a necessarily good watch. That’s why you wonder how come they don’t play more of these futsal games. With less room to run and a bigger focus on tricks, it’s the perfect setting for legends to entertain and fans to recall their greatness.

Just check out the highlights of this futsal “Clasico” held in Kuwait between past Barcelona and Real Madrid greats. There’s Juliano Belletti fooling Madrid keeper Bodo Illgner not once, but twice, from long distance; then there’s Luis Figo busting out the skill moves at the 7:22 mark, and plenty in between.

Apparently, Michael Owen and (surprisingly) Illgner were the only ones out of the bunch still hip enough to know what Twitter is. Luckily, they provided some commentary and pictures for the rest of the world.

In the end, Real Madrid’s legends came out on top, winning 9-5. Let’s hope that we see more of these futsal matches in the future.


Despite what you may have heard, Robin Van Persie can do more than just score fantastic golazos (y’know, like this one!)

No, RVP is also quite nimble with his feet, and he showed off his best Neymar impression at his annual charity tournament in Rotterdam. Together with freestyler Soufiane Touzani and Feyenoord’s Tonny Vilhena, RVP tooled with a couple of youngsters at will, the three of them performing a dizzying display of keep-away at the childrens’ mercy.


His move to Barcelona has been sealed, so to commemorate what is likely his last training session with his boyhood club, Neymar attended the emotional session with a camera on his head.

Yes, a camera on his head.

The Brazilian trickster released a teaser of the footage on his official YouTube account for his fans to peruse.

Who’s excited for the full feature then?


As if we needed another reason to love Ronaldinho even more, the Brazilian superstar took some time after his training regimen to practice his freestyle skills with a lucky young fan.

As the video proves, ‘Dinho still possesses the skills that made him a former Ballon d’Or winner and the most feared footballer on the planet (just ask Real Madrid circa 2005-06).

The young kid held his ground against the ex-Barcelona star, executing a fine bicycle kick during the 0:45 mark.