Legia Warsaw fans fire back at UEFA with amazing tifo over Champions League ruling


After having its UEFA Champions League qualification tossed out on a pretty bogus technicality, Legia Warsaw were steaming mad.

To recap, Legia Warsaw blasted Celtic in their Champions League playoff to the tune of a 6-1 aggregate win, but the Polish side were deemed to have fielded an ineligible player late in their second-leg win. As a result, Celtic were reinstated, and Legia Warsaw were dropped to the Europa League.

To make matters worse, Celtic did absolutely nothing with the extra chance they were given at Champions League glory, losing to Slovenian side Maribor in their playoff earlier this week.

So, yeah, Legia Warsaw’s fans were none too pleased with UEFA. Luckily, they channeled their frustration into creativity and put together an amazing tifo. Ahead of Legia Warsaw’s Europa League playoff match against Aktobe, they busted out this:

The tifo meet all the requirements needed to send a message to UEFA: A gigantic, greedy pig holding a “6<1” sign with a caption of “Because football doesn’t matter, money does” with the backdrop of the UEFA logo?

Message received.

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Copenhagen fans take tifo game to whole new level

Stadium-wide tifos? That’s so ten years ago.

If you want to step your club’s tifo game up, take a lesson from FC Copenhagen. Ahead of their derby clash against rivals Brondby, the Danish side’s fans choreographed an enormously intricate, interactive tifo that will blow away any and all challengers. Literally!

Check it out:

First, the fans unfurl a giant banner picturing a cannon directed at Brondby’s home stadium, along with the message “The order has been given to shoot down the enemy.”

Then, a fan runs along the top of the banner with an actual ‘cannon ball’ attached to a fishing rod contraption, until said cannon ‘smashes’ into the rivals’ stadium. At that moment, the first layer of the tifo brilliantly drops away to reveal Brondby’s stadium on fire. For good measure, black smoke flares are set off as well. Finally, a third banner drops down with the message “Copenhagen is ours!”

Outstanding work all the way around, lads. Unfortunately, the derby ended in a draw, so Brondby technically got a share of the city after all.

H/T Washington Post


Estonian amateur club receives hero’s welcome

Fans of Estonian fourth-tier side Tartu JK Welco Elekter pulled out all the stops for their club’s season opener, greeting the players with a thunderous welcome that they’re most likely not used to.

Using flares, flags, firecrackers, a tifo (if you can call it that) and — best of all, the bone-chilling theme music from 2001: A Space Odyssey — the fans provided Welco with an atmosphere as bizarre as Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs.

No word on whether or not the thrilling support ended up in a Welco win or not.

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Legia Warsaw fans protest UEFA sanctions with intense display

Away goals put Steaua Bucharest into the Champions League Group Stage over Polish side Legia Warsaw after a 2-2 draw on Tuesday. Although Steaua squandered a two-goal lead and let Legia battle back, the real fireworks started well before the opening kick:

UEFA, prompted by what the administrative body deemed “racist behavior by supporters,” sanctioned Legia Warsaw by closing a section of the stands in the team’s home arena, Polish Army Stadium, and fined the team €30,000.

The fans responded with a giant middle finger in the form of this massive demonstration, unfurling a large tifo that read “UEFA Ultra Extreme Fanatical Atmosphere,” before giving way to an onslaught of flares and fire crackers.

It’s certainly impressive and intimidating, and there are plenty of reasons to be upset with UEFA, but it’s important to remember the ban was imposed because of alleged racist behavior. So, no matter how cool it is to “stick it to the man,” maybe Legia fans should put their efforts toward ridding racism from their support section. Maybe.

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Olimpia fans unveil breathtaking tifo before Copa Libertadores match

Ahead of the first leg of the Copa Libertadores final between Olimpia and Atletico Mineiro, fans of the home side displayed an incredible tifo that stole the pre-game show.

The intimidating yet beautiful mosaic filled the stadium as Olimpia fans roared and fireworks burst wildly in the night sky. It was as intense a moment as you’ll find in world soccer.

The celebrations had begun before the game was even played. It is a safe bet, however, that they probably continued partying after Olimpia beat Atletico Mineiro 2-0, leaving the Brazilian club in a tough spot heading back to Belo Horizonte for the second leg of the final.

Surely, the Atletico Mineiro fans have something dazzling up their sleeves for the return leg.


The good, bad, and ugly from the Swedish Cup final

This weekend, IFK Goteborg defeated Djurgarden on penalty kicks in the Swedish Cup final, but it was the atmosphere off the pitch that was truly headline worthy.

The good: Djurgarden fans displayed an incredible tifo prior to the match (video above). With colorful smoke billowing out, the sign below read “The Gold is at the end of the rainbow.”

The bad: After losing the match in penalties, Djurgarden supporters took out their frustrations on anything they could. They took to rushing the field and started to destroy the stadium.

The ugly: In the chaos, they began to rip up seats and hurl them towards the field (video below). At one point, one of the seats hit a security guard in the head (0:44).

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