Tajik soccer player scores against hometown team, has power shut off


(Photo: Thinkstock)

We imagine after a soccer match there’s nothing quite like heading home for some good home cookin’.

Unless you’re Ahtam Hamroqulov. If you’re Ahtam Hamroqulov, you come home and all your utilities are turned off.

Let us set the scene: Mr. Hamroqulov lives in the city of Qurghonteppa, located in Tajikistan, and home to FC Vakhsh. Hamroqulov used to play for FC Vakhsh, but switched allegiances (but not addresses) for neighboring club Regar-TadAZ, roughly 86 miles away.

After scoring two goals against his hometown team, Hamroqulov returned to his residence to find city officials waiting for him with a $600 bill.

He was chided for scoring against his hometown, and then had his water, sewage and power turned off. Mirzo Ashurov, the head of the city’s water and sewage department, plead innocence in the matter:

“I don’t even know who Hamroqulov is, and which team he plays for,” Ashurov said. “We don’t have any personal agenda against anyone and don’t sink that low. There are people who don’t pay their bills and we just issue them warnings.”

Seems fishy to us. Perhaps Hamroqulov would be better served finding a new place to lie his head instead of dealing with this sort of hassle.

(h/t KCKRS)