Liverpool unveil kits for next season


A year after releasing the travesties known as Liverpool’s away and third kits, the Reds’ official kit supplier Warrior have apparently stepped their game up!

If these leaked images are indeed the team’s new kits for 2014/15, then Liverpool supporters can look forward to playing in the Champions League in style.

Images via Twitter/@Kop305


Liverpool consider Candreva bid


Liverpool are set to mould Steven Gerrard into a deep-lying midfielder and could be on the lookout for a more forward thinking player during the transfer window. According to Saturday’s newspapers Liverpool are looking at Lazio’s Italian international midfielder Antonio Candreva.

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Great players take each other to school

Even some of the greatest players in the world are made to look like fools at times.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Alessandro Nesta and many more are given a some footballing lessons by their fellow greats. Nutmegs, rainbows, cuts and flicks are just a small part of the arsenal these players use to trick their illustrious opponents. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching these seemingly untouchable soccer stars get taken to school.

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Steven Gerrard put on the spot by 10-year-old Liverpool fan

In one of our favorite recurring segments, Kop Kids presents another sit-down interview with a young fan and a club superstar.

Here we see 10-year-old Reds fan Finn getting a chance to sit down with Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard.

Some highlights:

  • What Gerrard has on his Christmas list
  • Which players give Gerrard the most cheek
  • The England captain’s favorite actor is Robert De Niro
  • Gerrard can’t stand sprouts
  • Young Finn gets the exclusive on Gerrard’s breakfast
  • The boy actually has a pretty righteous shot!

The whole video is so darn cute that’s it worth watching by itself, but Finn actually gives a pretty informative interview. All we can say is: Enjoy!

(h/t Reddit)


Liverpool Continue Asian Tour, Martin Kelly Receives A Marriage Proposal

You can add another unique highlight to Liverpool’s tour of the Asian continent. While Liverpool have been treated like rock stars no matter where they’ve traveled this summer, with the team being serenaded by tens of thousands of fans during practice sessions and Steven Gerrard regularly bringing fans to tears, this might be the oddest story yet.

While training in Bangkok, Liverpool defender Martin Kelly received a marriage proposal from a local fan. Now, Martin Kelly is a decent player, and according to a survey of the office, a pretty good-looking guy, but really? Martin Kelly? Of all the players on the Liverpool roster? 

Now, we’re not the sort to tear a player down, so here’s to Martin winning over fans in Asia, but to be honest, we’re not entirely convinced this isn’t some sort of Brendan Rodgers mind-game to build confidence in the young player. 

Either way, here’s to Liverpool’s newest teen heartthrob. 


Fans Pull Out All The Stops As Liverpool Tour Indonesia

Via (101GG)

We are desperately trying to think of a time any member of the FOX Soccer team had an effect on a female like this, but then we’re not Steven Gerrard! It was all too much for this girl when the Liverpool midfielder walked through the foyer of his hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Speaking of Liverpool’s tour through Indonesia, check out this video of fans in Jakarta serenading the team with their own rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

The most surprising part? The video was recorded during a training session!

With a level of emotion and dedication similar to what you’ll find at Anfield, the song seems to prove the point that no matter where the team travels, they’ll find a chorus of fans to support them.


QPR keeper caught in Chelsea jersey


Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar attended fellow countryman David Luiz’s birthday party and was sporting a Chelsea shirt. The only problem is, Julio Cesar is currently the keeper for Queens Park Rangers.

This photo has been circulating the internet and has even forced QPR to investigate the matter. Could you imagine Wayne Rooney sporting a Liverpool jersey or Steven Gerrard in an Arsenal jersey? It’s very understandable that both the club and it’s supporters aren’t pleased.

What’s going to happen to Cesar now - benching? Fine? Suspension?


Gerrard special steals the show at Etihad Stadium

Before today’s thrilling Manchester City-Liverpool match, Fox Soccer ran a feature on Steven Gerrard’s legendary standing at Anfield Road.

And as if on cue, Gerrard delivered a vintage Stevie G special to give Liverpool a 2-1 lead at the time!


City loses ground on rival United, draws Liverpool

The entertaining two-horse Premier League title race might have dropped to one thoroughbred following Manchester City’s flat 2-2 draw against Liverpool, leaving Manchester’s other club, United, with a commanding nine-point advantage over their noisy neighbors on Sunday night.

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