Celebs, athletes celebrate the World Cup on Facebook

It’s finally here! Brazil and Croatia got the 2014 World Cup off to a rousing start. 

Take a look at how some celebrities and the players not playing for Croatia and Brazil were spending the day:

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Steve Nash’s tryout with Inter Milan went well

We’re all about sports crossover today, and as we mentioned last week, Los Angeles Lakers star Steve Nash was offered a guest tryout with Inter Milan as they prepared for the International Champions Cup in New York. We now have footage of the tryout, and it looks like Nash can definitely hang.

Nash, a huge soccer fan, Spurs supporter and part-owner of MLS’ Vancouver Whitecaps franchise, said the experience was like “Christmas morning” for him in an extensive interview with Grant Wahl, which you can see below:


Steve Nash to test soccer skills with Inter Milan tryout


It is no secret that Los Angeles Lakers star Steve Nash is a soccer fanatic. He grew up playing it, watching it and even now in his free time trains with clubs and hosts charity tournaments. Heck, he’s even part of the Vancouver Whitecaps ownership group.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the NBA star is going to have a tryout on Tuesday with Inter Milan. The Italian club is in the United States for the Guinness International Champions Club tournament.

Nash told The Associated Press that he’s working his way back to 100 percent physically after enduring an injury-filled year this past season with the Lakers. This is more of stunt than actual tryout, but apparently Nash still has some butterflies ahead of the practice, saying he’ll probably be nervous just sharing the field with Inter Milan.

But he really doesn’t have anything to be nervous about. Nash has got some serious soccer skills:

Don’t worry Steve, you’ll be just fine.


TV reporter’s awkward exchange with Steve Nash

The Los Angeles Galaxy put up a great performance against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday night, but the real highlight of the evening came from a blunder courtesy of the Galaxy’s sideline reporter.

After spotting the LA Lakers’ Steve Nash in the crowd, the reporter very coolly asked what brought him out to the game. But had the interviewer done her research, she would’ve realized that Nash is part-owner of the Whitecaps. Unfortunately, she didn’t, resulting in this awkward exchange:

"Steve, I know you’re a huge soccer fan, but what brought you out tonight?"

"…I’m part owner of the Whitecaps…"


Nash, for his part, took the mistake in stride, later posting a photo on his instagram account suggesting that followers should check out the interview when it inevitably made its way to YouTube.


Joakim Noah is pumped up after scoring in charity soccer match

Love him or hate him, one thing is undeniable about NBA star Joakim Noah: his energy is second to none.

Noah proved this again after going on a spirited victory lap once scoring in a charity soccer match held by Steve Nash’s “The Steve Nash Foundation” charity match in New York City. The Chicago Bulls center celebrated as if he had won the World Cup after blasting a low shot in the bottom right corner, and for his efforts took home the game’s MVP award to boot.

Excessive gesticulating aside, you gotta hand it to Noah: for a man as huge as him, the former Florida University standout showed some nifty footwork there.

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