It all comes down to Sunday


Remaining fixtures (all on Sunday, May 19):

Chelsea vs. Everton
Newcastle vs. Arsenal
Tottenham vs. Sunderland

With the title won and relegation decided, the final day of the Premier League has one battle to focus on: the fight for Champions League spots.

Unless Tottenham win by double digits, Chelsea are in, even if they lose. The real race is between Arsenal and Spurs.

Tottenham have to win, and then need a helping hand from Newcastle. It is possible for the Gunners to secure their spot with a draw as long as Tottenham also lose or draw, but a victory over the Toon would put them into the top four no matter what Spurs do.


Premier League Table - with only English players’ goals


Image via Opta

This table takes a look at what the Premier League landscape would look like if only goals from English players counted.

Thanks to English-born Rickie Lambert and his 14 goals, the currently 12th placed Saints would find themselves atop the table. Conversely, Manchester City would see a 31 point drop in a fall from 2nd place to 13th. 

 What’s the biggest takeaway from this?


La Liga table without Messi, Falcao and Cristiano Ronaldo

Image from @BarcaStat

It’s safe to say that if you have Lionel Messi, Radamel Falcao, or Cristiano Ronaldo on your team, you are going to have a great chance of winning a match. What would the La Liga landscape look like if these three players didn’t exist? Given that Messi has scored more goals than 15 different clubs by himself, things are going to look a bit different.

This graphic from @BarcaStat shows the La Liga standings if every goal was taken away from these three superstars (and this doesn’t even include the 14 assists between them.) Nullifying the 90 goals between the group would cause a dramatic shift and would bring their respective teams back to the pack. Currently, no team is within single digits of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid, but with this shift in power there would be 9 teams separated by 10 points or less.

Makes you wonder what it would be like if Messi played for the Real Zaragoza’s or Granada’s of the world.