Fascinating video demonstrates explosion of transfer market

It takes just 60 seconds (or 63 if you’re a stickler and count the intro) to fully realize just how global — and expensive — soccer has become.

This incredible video takes 113 years of player transfers and puts them in one easily digestible timeline.

If set to music, this video would start its crescendo right around the mid-90s, as the transfer market continues to explode. Take just 10 years in either direction on the timeline from 1995.

In 1985-86, there were 283 players from 62 countries that transferred for a total of €2.89 million. A decade later, those numbers jump to 1,151 players, 97 countries and €195.15 million. In 2005-06, 6,739 players from 147 countries transferred for a whopping €1,005.96 million.

From there, the numbers only continue to grow. It really is amazing how sweeping the game is. And for those that want to continue to explore, the makers of this video, Eyeseedata.com, have a bevy of interactive maps to play around with.

So long, productivity!

(h/t KCKRS)


Bundesliga: Top Heavy

Via Transfermarket

The graphic represents the most expensive 11 players in the Bundesliga, with their market value in millions of Euros at the top of the player card.

Notice a trend? All 11 players play for Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund, with 9 playing for the former (10 if you count the soon to be transferring Mario Gotze). Not even Barcelona, Real Madrid, or PSG can make that claim in their respective leagues.

As evidenced by their 4-0 demolition of Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, Bayern Munich is making the most of their money.

Is this kind of financial dominance bad for the competitive balance in the Bundesliga? Or, is it worth it to have a super team that can represent the league and country so well on an international level?