Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo handshake a fine example of awkwardness?


(Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images)

After a long, drawn-out journey to get to Real Madrid, €100 million man Gareth Bale finally arrived in Spain. There to greet him was €94 million man (whose crown as “most expensive footballer” was usurped by Bale), Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid photogs presumably captured the first meeting between the two starlets. Or, at the very least, helped stage the handshake Real Madrid PR folks felt best conveyed: “Hey! Look how buddy-buddy these two individuals are!”

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Snoop Dogg wants to become Celtic mascot


Snoop Dogg (err, Snoop Lion) has long ago revealed his passion for Celtic football and earlier this season suggested that he would love to buy a stake in the club. And now, the Hip-Hop turned Reggae star has made it his goal to be a part of the action for Celtic’s Champions League clash against Juventus as, wait for it, a mascot!

‘It’s the one I need to go to, it’s the game we have been waiting for,’ Snoop said. ‘I need tickets but I want to walk out with the team like a little kid with the banner. Yes, yes, make it happen. Hail, hail the Celts are here. Yabbadabbado.’

When told he could find himself sitting next to Rod Stewart at next Tuesday’s match Snoop added: ‘Do ya think I’m sexy.’

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Yabbadabbado, indeed!


Snoop Dogg wants to buy stake in Celtic after famous Barca win


It’s well known that Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, as he goes by now) is a huge sports nut, and soccer fans may recall seeing him in those recent FIFA ‘13 commercials. And following the trend of many hip hop artists investing in sports teams (Jay-Z first and foremost), it shouldn’t come to much surprise that Snoop would want to jump into the fray.

But his choice might startle some: it’s Celtic!

Here’s what Snoop said in a recent interview with UK paper Daily Record:

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