Russian defender lights up Shakhtar Donetsk striker with vicious clothesline

Well, that’s certainly one way to stop a striker from getting past you.

When Shakhtar Donetsk’s Luiz Adriano tried to collect a long clearance and head toward goal, FC Illychivets Oleksandr Chyzhov decided to stop the striker by launching a bone-crushing clothesline.

Seriously, it was like something straight out of the WWE:


Adriano dropped in a heap and was immediately out cold. Chyzhov clearly knew he’d landed a significant blow, as he frantically waved for the physio staff to come to Adriano’s aid.

Stunningly, Chyzhov wasn’t sent off for the incident, and fortunately for everybody, Adriano was reportedly fine after being stretchered off the pitch.

A few more “clothesline from hell” moves and Chyzhov could kick-start a new career for himself with the WWE like John “Bradshaw” Layfield.


JBL approves of this message.

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Shakhtar to pay out rest of contract to late striker’s family


Shakhtar Donetsk demonstrated all their class on Friday, announcing that the club would pay out the remainder of late striker Maicon’s contract to his family. The 25-year-old Brazilian’s was killed in a car accident last Saturday.

Appearing at a Q&A session with fans, Shakhtar CEO Sergie Palkin said:

The contract with Maicon was valid through mid-2015. From a legal point of view, in such situations [the contract would normally expire], but Maicon has had a 7-year-old daughter and quite elderly parents left.

Therefore, the president of the club decided to hand his family the amount stipulated by the contract, in full, to support his family at this difficult time.

There is no sum of money that can take the sting out of such a tragedy, but it is wonderful to see Shakhtar do the right thing and help Maicon’s family. We wish them all the best and send our condolences.

(H/T Bleacher Report/Shakhtar)


So, this kid Oscar is pretty good at soccer.

Check out the ridiculous long-range goal he scored for Chelsea against Shakhtar on Wednesday. Unreal. The future is bright for the 21-year-old.