Nigeria keeper’s own goal disallowed in suspect Scotland friendly

imageAustin Ejide is actually trying to make a save here… (Image: Reuters)

Nigeria keeper Austin Ejide had a fishy-looking own goal disallowed during Wednesday’s friendly match vs. Scotland, just one day after British police investigated allegations of attempted match-fixing on that very same match. Hmm.

With Scotland already up 1-0, Ejide appeared to blatantly slap the ball into his own net while “defending” a cross, but was “bailed out” by a rather soft foul call against Scotland’s Grant Hanley.

While we’re not going to accuse Ejide of having anything to do with the alleged match-fixing — which was never confirmed by the National Crime Agency before kickoff — we must acknowledge that this all looks like a rather unfortunate set of coincidences.

Please check out the goal and jump to your own conclusions:


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Coach refuses to talk to media - for sake of his health

As far as doctor’s notes go, this one’s a cracker!

The manager’s job at a Scottish second-tier club is hardly the most forgiving position and, for some, it’s clearly taking a toll on their health.

Take Morton boss Kenny Shiels for example. With his side sitting at the bottom of the Scottish Championship table, Shiels has taken the unlikely step of refusing to give any post-match interviews.

His reasoning? An emotional imbalance.

That’s right, and his doctor can vouch for him, too. Apparently, it’s a serious medical condition! Read Shiels’ comments below in an interview with BBC Radio Scotland:

"I have spoken with the doctor and you get emotionally imbalanced.

"It’s important I don’t compromise my position as manager of Morton Football Club.

"There’s a name for it – you can’t help it. If someone asks you a question, you’re emotionally imbalanced at that time and you feel an urge to tell the truth.

"And, if you feel hard done by, you want to tell the truth about something that happened in the game and you become a victim of that. There are people out there waiting for you to drop your guard.

"It’s my nature that’s the biggest problem and Neil Lennon has that problem too at Celtic. He will tell you he is the same – when you are passionate about something and you put all your energies into it.

"I am probably not intelligent enough to deal with that because journalists can catch me. I don’t think it’s fair to condemn Scottish football. It’s not their fault, it’s my fault."

"Every decision I make must be in the best interests of Morton and I’m very susceptible to being controversialised and it’s happened to me in the past. I’m not going to go down that road anymore."

They breed managers differently up in Scotland, it seems.


Scottish fans take over London’s Trafalgar Square, fill fountain with soap


Photo via 101GG

In the build-up to Wednesday’s “friendly” match between longtime rivals England and Scotland — in fact, it is the oldest football rivalry in the world — the traveling Scottish fans took over one of London’s most famous downtown spots, Trafalgar Square.

Given that this was the first match between the two nations in 14 years, the Scots were particularly riled up for this one, with more than 25,000 reportedly traveling down the British Isles to, mainly, stir up trouble. And to make lots of bubbles.

Yes, the “Tartan Army”successfully turned Trafalgar Square into one giant bubble bath by squirting large quantities of dish soap into the famous fountains (and perhaps some other, non-cleaning liquid):



Photos by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Photo via 101GG

Not a bad prank to pull on the old enemy. We’re not sure how cheery the Scots were after this, though:

England won the match 3-2 on debutant Rickie Lambert’s winner in the second half.


Archer’s arrow off course in heavy Scotland defeat

Jordan Archer is beginning to establish himself as one of the unluckiest goalkeepers in the world. It was Archer that was attacked by an idiotic Gillingham supporter during Wycombe’s 1-0 win at Priestfield in February.

That assault was clearly not his fault but he was certainly to blame for one of England Under-21s’ goals in a 6-0 victory against their Scotland counterparts on Tuesday night.

Scotland were already trailing 2-0 at Bramall Lane in Sheffield when Archer attempted to clear the ball from out of his hands with, er, limited success. To be fair Connor Wickham pounced on the chance with a great finish to compound Scotland’s misery. 


Want to buy a soccer team? Bid now!


We knew things were bleak for Scottish Premier League club Hearts, but we never expected this. 

The club, regular competitors in the UEFA Europa League, have been listed on BusinessForSale.com. BDO, the group placed in charge of the club’s administration, took the unusual step in an effort to garner additional bids for the struggling side. 

So if you’ve got some spare change lying around, and are interested in buying a club with a “squad of 22 players, together with a highly skilled, loyal and experienced workforce,” Hearts might be the team for you!! 


Scottish team looks to sell player in Classified ads

Scottish semi-pro team Inverurie Locos Works FC get an A for creativity. The Aberdeen-based club has taken to the local newspaper’s classified section in an effort to transfer their defender Greig Watson.

They may be a semi-pro team, but do they expect an average newspaper reader to put in a bid? Perhaps they heard about Norway’s lottery winner buying a player and are hoping that lightning can strike twice among average joes.

Image via WAATP


Tartan Army answers call before World Cup qualifier

Image via Dailymail

Serbia got by with a little help from their Scottish friends. Despite a heavy snowfall at Karadjordje Stadium, the FIFA World Cup qualifier between Serbia and Scotland was able to be played. Thanks to the efforts of the Tartan Army, fans of Scotland’s national team, the pitch was cleared of snow in time for inspection and the qualifier was given the green light to commence.

Perhaps the fans should have left the snow on the field as Croatia went on to defeats the Scots 2-0 thanks to a double from Filip Djuricic.