With more than a hundred goals scored throughout his career, it shouldn’t come as a shock that São Paulo goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni is at again.

During the first half of his team’s recent match against Vitória, Ceni was called into action after his teammates won a free kick just outside their opponent’s 18-yard box. Showing no signs of the stress that typically follows free kicks, Ceni proceeded to perfectly curl his shot around the opponent’s wall, pulling his team level.

Rogerio Ceni, making it look easy since 1990.


Trecker’s Brazilian Travels: Unknown Utopia

Photo: Jamie Trecker/FOX Soccer

By Jamie Trecker, FOXSoccer.com


The gunship flew low over the beach, heading north to Recife’s Derby Square. The protests would soon start, blocking the bridges in this city and snarling traffic to and from the set of interconnected islands.

Recife is a strange city. For two blocks along the coastline, you could be in Miami or Santa Monica, albeit with far fewer strip malls. But walk a block further inland, and you are in the favelas. Crossing the Avenue Domingos Ferreira puts you into a different city altogether. Here, the streets are unpaved, there are no windows on the cinderblock shanties, and laundry flaps from the telephone lines. There is sewage in the street, and the residents collect rainwater to wash in.

The city makes its money on tourism and textiles, and lately, it hasn’t been doing much of either. The beaches here, from Pina to Boa Viagem and beyond, have been virtually empty. The vendors who patrol up and down the sands have found few takers for the buckets of shrimp on their shoulders. The umbrella chairs were empty, and there was but one set of players on the vast tennis courts that stretch up and down the boardwalk. The beach soccer field was flooded, a product of the prior week’s rains.

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Violence hits Copa Sudamericana final

Sao Paulo was awarded the Copa Sudamericana title on Wednesday after violent scenes on and off the pitch prompted Argentine club Tigre to refuse to play the second half of the second leg of the final played in the nation set to host the World Cup in less than two years.

Tigre officials said their players were attacked in the dressing room area by security officials during the half-time break, following confrontations on the pitch at the end of the first half.

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Federer shows off his footy skills

Roger Federer is not only a world-class tennis player, but the man has some pretty decent footy skills too.

The tennis star showed off his soccer footwork — dressed in a full Brazil kit — before a match against Tommy Haas in Sao Paulo. Federer and Haas knocked around an oversized tennis ball prior to their match, a part of the Gillette Federer Tour.

Federer also met Brazilian legend Pele, who tweeted out this picture of the two.


What a cool moment between two sports legends!