Last-second penalty triggers player riot in Copa Libertadores

Thursday night’s Copa Libertadores match between Independiente del Valle and San Lorenzo ended on an ugly note when riot police had to rush the pitch to stop players from attacking the referee.

The commotion was sparked when a last-second penalty was awarded to Ecuadorian side Independiente. The Argentinian visitors San Lorenzo were clinging to a 1-0 lead. Once Junior Sornoza converted from the spot for an improbable, last-gasp point, the livid San Lorenzo players swarmed around the match officials, forcing riot police into action.

The impact of the penalty decision can’t be understated. Due to the late equalizer, the two sides now both sit on five points in their Copa Libertadores group, with just one match-day remaining. A win would have given San Lorenzo a good chance to advance to the next round, but the draw kept them behind Independiente in last place.

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San Lorenzo captain booked for walking his dog onto the pitch

In what is very likely to be the earliest booking handed out in the history of world football, San Lorenzo’s Pablo Alvarado was shown a yellow card minutes before their clash against Boca Juniors. The reason? Alvarado brought his dog onto the pitch prior to kick-off!

Apparently, the San Lorenzo captain thought that his side was in need of a proper club mascot, and decided his dog was the perfect fit. However, the referees deemed that to be time-wasting… even though the match hadn’t started yet. Speculation has it the match officials are fervent cat-lovers.

Fortunately, it remained Alvarado’s only booking on the day, and San Lorenzo went on to win the game, 1-0.

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San Lorenzo puts Pope Francis’ face on jerseys, promptly wins game on own goal

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

After learning that the newly elected leader of the Catholic church, Pope Francis I, was an avid supporter of Argentinian side San Lorenzo, the team proudly had “Papa Francisco” badges put on their jerseys for the game against Colon.

And wouldn’t you know it, thanks to the power of the papal stickers, the “Saints” (yes, of course that’s their nickname) won with a little divine intervention: an own goal from the opposition!

Here’s the goal in question:


Newly elected Pope Francis shows San Lorenzo colors

By now, the entire world is reading up on newly elected Pope, Jorge Bergogolio, and what his appointment will mean to the Catholic Church.

Though that question remains to be answered, it really doesn’t concern us soccer junkies. Photos surfaced on the Pope’s true colors on Wednesday, that of Argentine club San Lorenzo.

Still an active member, San Lorenzo released images highlighting Bergogolio’s love for the club. Is worth noting that San Lorenzo were named after local priest Father Lorenzo Mass, the same priest who allowed children to play in his church’s yard to discourage them from playing near the dangerous trams around the city.

Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano and Argentina’s basketball international Lucas Victoriano congratulated Bergoglio’s appointment on Twitter: