Giggs saves Man United Class of 1992’s dignity in friendly vs non-league Salford City


Manchester United’s Class of 1992 - featuring Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, the Neville brothers and Nicky Butt (David Beckham was busy doing David Beckham things) - were thrashed 5-1 in a friendly against Salford City, the semi-pro club that the players listed above are part owners of.

Despite the heavy defeat, there was one moment that did invoke memories of the United legends’ glory days. Having only retired last season, Giggs showed he’s still got that touch of genius in him, scoring a lovely Panenka penalty for his side’s only goal:


Class of ‘92 play against construction workers on a rooftop

It’s the dream of just about any Manchester United fan to play against one of the best groups of footballers the world has seen: the esteemed Class of ‘92.

A group of construction workers at the Hotel Football project had that very opportunity, on the roof of the structure no less. The project, being built next to Old Trafford, was visited by United legends Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and the Neville brothers.

When they wandered up to the five-a-side field being built on the rooftop, something pretty wonderful happened:

The five former players are all involved in the Hotel Football project, so while this was probably totally staged, but you can’t say these workers enjoyed it any less than if it had been an impromptu kick-about. 

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Ryan Giggs scores for 23rd straight season!

You know the token “old guy” who shows up at your pick-up basketball games and still keeps up with everyone half his age? Soccer’s “old guy” is Ryan Giggs, and he’s not just playing pick-up, he’s still competing in the top soccer league in the world!

At a shade over 39 years old, Ryan Giggs improved on his own record today by scoring his first Premier League goal of the season, marking the 23rd straight season in which he’s scored at least once. It also makes Giggs the only player to have scored at least 1 goal in every single Premier League season since its inception in 1992-93.

There’s just one word for this kind of feat: legendary.


Sir Alex may be the worst Charades player of all time

This is a gem: Sir Alex and some Manchester United players took part in a good old fashioned game of charades for the MUTV channel, and Fergie seemed to get pretty frustrated with his teammates.

Being tasked with acting out Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal, Ferguson’s flailing hand gestures stumped his teammates far longer than it should have, prompting the legend manager to drop an F-bomb out of frustration! Much to the enjoyment of Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney on the opposing team.


Ryan Giggs ages pretty well


Every season you can’t help but be surprised by how much Ryan Giggs still plays for Manchester United. Well we finally figured out why: the lad doesn’t seem to age!

This picture has been making the rounds on soccer blogs today, and it shows Giggs’s career through 20 years of Merlin Football stickers. How many more kits will he go through we wonder?

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