Pitch invader scores Ronaldinho’s signature

imageIn what we must consider the golden age of pitch invaders, it is no longer enough to run aimlessly around the field to draw a laugh from the crowd or earn your 10 seconds of fame. There needs to be an actual purpose now.

This summer proved as much, as dozens of daredevil fans started taking selfies with players - to much success, too - an important milestone for pitch invaders all over the world.

Now, one fan in Mexico has taken it to yet another level. In the second half of Queretaro’s match at Atlas, a young man in a Brazil shirt sprinted onto the field with just one goal in mind: get Ronaldinho’s signature.

And sure enough, he did. Wait for the replay at the :45 second mark to see Dinho give the fan his John Hancock:

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Image provided by Mexsport


Faustino Asprilla launching line of flavored condoms in Colombia


Former Newcastle and Colombian international Faustino “Tino” Asprilla has confirmed what everybody already knew: He’s producing a line of flavored condoms.

Wait, what?

It’s true. They’re in production in China, and will be branded with his nickname, “Tino.”

“I think it’s a really cool idea, “ he said on Colombian radio station La FM, via The Guardian. “They’ll hopefully be launched with a campaign to prevent unplanned teenage pregnancies.”

For those curious about which flavored condom Tino himself would vouch for … “I’ll recommend the guava flavor condom,” Asprilla suggested, via The Guardian.

“When I was growing up, we had a guava tree in our garden and that’s a flavor and aroma that’s very good for romancing.”

Who knew!? As easy as it is to joke about the premise, Tino does seem to have good intentions at heart.

"The main goal for me, really, is to support a campaign to prevent AIDS and teen pregnancies, with a line of condoms," he said via Metro.

But, Tino had better beware of his competition in South America. Don’t forget: Ronaldinho also has a line of prophylactics on the market.

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Ronaldinho impresses with goal, assist in Queretaro win

imageAfter missing a penalty on his Queretaro debut last week, Ronaldinho bounced back in impressive fashion against Chivas Guadalajara on Sunday.

The Brazilian legend made no mistake from the penalty spot this time for his first goal in the black and blue, but even better was his set-up on Camilo Sanvezzo’s goal in the 4-1 win.

Watch as Ronaldinho threads the needle through traffic for the perfect assist:

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Ronaldinho chose Queretaro to “continue winning titles… and girls”


Oh, Ronnie…

Brazil legend Ronaldinho Gaucho raised plenty of eyebrows by choosing to play for Liga MX club Queretaro, but he may have shed some light on his surprising decision at his official unveiling on Friday.

Per Mundo Deportivo), Ronaldinho told reporters:

"I’ve always lived in the same way and with every team I’ve been a champion. I hope to keep doing the same and continue winning titles and girls."

It’s no secret Ronaldinho loves the female attention that’s accompanied him his entire career (remember this NSFW pic?), and after playing in France, Spain, Italy and Brazil, the two-time FIFA World Player of the Year is now looking to dip into a whole new pool of chicas. And keep winning titles. In some order.

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Ronaldinho fan really loves Ronaldinho


Ronaldinho has many fans, but Giovanny Tocohua might be the biggest of them all. His kit collection could make even the most persistent Hollywood stalkers blush; he’s secured every single jersey the former Barcelona star has worn in his career.

We counted 79 shirts (including the one he’s wearing), charting Ronaldinho’s career from Gremio to Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Milan, Flamengo and finally Atletico Mineiro. Even the commemorative jersey for Ronnie’s 100th cap for Brazil made the collection!

Duly impressed, Ronaldinho posted Giovanny’s picture to his Facebook and Twitter:

There’s an outside chance the fan held Ronaldinho hostage in his basement and forced him to post this, though.


Ronaldinho leaves Atletico Mineiro, is now a free agent


Former ‘best player in the world’ Ronaldinho is unemployed.

The 34-year-old announced on Monday that he is leaving Atletico Mineiro by mutual consent, and is due to give a press conference on Wednesday to announce his future plans.

Atletico coach Levir Culpi confirmed the news speaking with SporTV.

"I can’t call on Ronaldinho anymore. His cycle with us has ended. It’s unfortunate because he’s an idol to all of us. Everyone loves his football, the way he plays and he’s a very charismatic person," Culpi said.

"But that’s the way it goes. He’s leaving and we must move on without him."

The former Ballon d’Or winner and World Cup champion scored 28 goals in 88 games with Mineiro, and helped them win their first ever Copa Libertadores title last season. Ronaldinho’s contract with the Belo Horizonte club was set to expire at the end of this year.

While you can now officialy start day-dreaming about Ronaldinho joining Major League Soccer, take in some of his greatest moments at Mineiro:

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Ronaldinho to rent out his Rio mansion during the World Cup

By Leander Schaerlaeckens


Photograph: Getty Images

Every host nation inflates its prices for accommodations at the World Cup. Hotel prices become multiples of what they once were and everybody’s shed is suddenly a hostel. But nobody has ever attempted such brazen price-gauging ploy as Ronaldinho.

The old trickster has been the FIFA World Player of the Year once, led Brazil to its fifth World Cup title in 2002, starred for Barcelona and AC Milan and appeared in countless commercials. But that all pales to his latest quest. What he is trying to do now has truly never been tried or done before.

Ronaldinho is trying to find someone to pay over $15000 a night to rent his mansion in Rio de Janeiro from him during the World Cup. He put the listing on AirBnB and linked to it on his Facebook page.

Take a look, and look out for all the Ronaldinho-themed artwork in Ronaldinho’s house. We counted four pieces in all.


Raja Casablanca players ransack a willing Ronaldinho for memorabilia

Say what you will about Ronaldinho, but he’s far from washed up.

The former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain standout turned back the clock on Wednesday, scoring a ridiculous take free-kick golazo during Atletico Mineiro’s Club World Cup semifinal match against Raja Casablanca.


Unfortunately for Atletico Mineiro, Raja Casablanca would go on to defeat Ronaldinho’s squad 3-1 in high-end offensive thriller at Stade de Marrakech in Morocco. As you can imagine, the jam-packed stadium celebrated with joy after their home side’s stunning victory over the defending Copa Libertadores champions.

Even Raja Casablanca players seized the opportunity to grab a piece of history and snatched off equipment from the two-time FIFA World Player of the Year. Not settling for just his jersey, Casablanca players asked for (and received) the Brazilian legend’s boots!

Raja players looked like kids swarming when a piñata finally bursts open. Take a look:

And kudos go to Ronaldinho, who was under no obligation to be such a good sport. We doubt there are many players who would be so gracious in the wake of a tough loss. “Tis the season of giving after all.


Flipbook of Lionel Messi is mesmerizing

Youtube is more than just cat videos and dash-cam craziness. Every now and then a gem of ingenuity will be unearthed. Case in point: The above video of a flipbook highlighting Lionel Messi’s skills.

Watching it by itself would be entertaining enough, but the creator didn’t stop there. The effervescent Ray Hudson’s commentary (among others) is laid into the video.


If you liked that, you’ll enjoy the uploader’s other flipbook videos of footwork artisans Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo.

(h/t 101 Great Goals)


Ronaldinho scores two free kick golazos in same match


Must be the new teeth!

Ronaldinho continues to dazzle in Brazil for Atletico Mineiro, scoring not one, but two free kicks to earn the home side a point against Fluminese. The first of his golazos came in first-half injury time with Mineiro down 1-0.

Fluminese took the lead again later in the match, making Ronaldinho have to produce another picture-perfect free kick late in the match to save his team a point. What a chore!

Mineiro are just a couple months removed from winning the Copa Libertadores for the first time, but have struggled so far in the new season. If it wasn’t for Ronaldinho, who now has five goals in eight games, they would be even lower than their current 13th-place position. In fact, Dinho’s goals have ended up yielding five points for the team. Without them, Mineiro would be in 18th place!