Germany fans told stay at stadium to avoid riots

Soccer can leave emotions running understandably high. Reports of riots in Brazil are likely wide of the mark, but the 7-1 World Cup semifinal thrashing at the hands of Germany has left the country shell-shocked.

As a result, German fans were asked to remain seated following the mauling, for fear of clashes with emotionally-charged Brazil fans.

 A photo from a reporter on the scene, depicting guards on stand-by in case of fan problems within the area.

It appears that the only things broken and hurt during the evening were Brazil’s hearts, but the possibility of fan unrest remained a very real and a very dangerous one.

Five Germany goals within 18 minutes of the first-half left Estadio Mineirao completely silenced, as Germany made safe passage into the World Cup final with an extra two goals in the next 45 minutes.

They will face the winner of the Argentina vs. the Netherlands semifinal later on today, with the final showpiece on Sunday. Meanwhile, the nation of Brazil remains stunned after a quite thrilling semifinal.

(H/T: NESN - Image from Instagram)


Lecce ultras invade pitch after team misses promotion to Serie B

US Lecce has seen some rough times. After being relegated from Serie A two years ago, Lecce was forced down to Italy’s third division due to the club’s involvement in 2011’s Italian match-fixing scandal

Having bounced between Serie A and B for the past three decades, you can imagine that the Lecce faithful weren’t particularly happy playing in the lower tiers, and the fans’ anger boiled over after losing the promotion playoffs to Serie B against Capri this weekend.

Once the full-time whistle blew, Lecce ultras invaded the pitch and began causing havoc, kicking stewards and throwing objects down the players’ tunnel. According to reports, Lecce fans later burned a police SUV outside the stadium as well.


Fans of local rivals Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund marred Saturday’s Bundesliga match by clashing with police outside Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park.

Trouble started with hundreds of Schalke fans arriving in Dortmund, lighting flares and overturning trash cans as they walked to the stadium and fighting with rival fans. Both fanbases then turned their hostility towards police.

Police used plenty of pepper spray and a water cannon to separate fans, while mounted police were attacked with stones. Police said fans had also destroyed a snack bar near the stadium, breaking it up and using parts of it as missiles.

There were several minor injuries and at least 150 rioters came into police custody.

Around 1,000 police officers were on duty, four times the usual number for a typical matchday.

As for the game, Schalke would win the Ruhr Derby 2-1.