Mario Balotelli, banned from go karting, takes Ferrari on track instead


Photo: skyoftech.com

Mario Balotelli never ceases to entertain. It’s been well documented that he loves go karts, but he is forbidden to do so in his contract with AC Milan. His solution? Take his $300,000 Ferrari (not pictured) on the go kart track instead, with former girlfriend Fanny Neguesha nowhere to be seen.

Track owner Joe Ghiringhelli:

"Mario loves coming here but he’s not allowed to race the karts because of his AC Milan contract - they are worried he may injure himself."
"We let him take his new Ferrari out on the track and he was roaring around laughing and having fun. Fanny was no where to be seen but as we all know Mario is a bit of a shooter and won’t be too worried about her, he will be with someone new before you know it."

With 11 goals in 11 games with AC Milan, maybe it’s best to just let Balotelli be Balotelli.