Piers Morgan joins us for Tottenham-Arsenal


Noted Gunners fan and twitter lightning rod Piers Morgan joined our Fox Soccer crew for the North London derby today, and shared his thoughts on Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s transfer policy, and why the club is trophy-less for the past 8 years:


Arsenal’s loss via Piers Morgan

Arsenal was stunned by soccer minnow Bradford City in the League Cup on Tuesday, falling in the quarterfinals on penalty kicks.

As he usually does, diehard Gunners fan Piers Morgan was tweeting during the match. Here is the loss, through the tweets of Piers.

Piers started out with a positive attitude, happy with the lineup choices. But it was all downhill from there…

He’s always been critical of Arsene Wenger, but more so on Tuesday than ever before.

Finally, a ray of hope, as Arsenal equalized.

And immediately following the loss on penalty kicks, the meltdown:

Arsenal is certainly in trouble, and if Wenger stays on much longer, we fear for Morgan’s health — heartache and anger is a dangerous combination!

But, unlike Arsenal, Piers is off to have a grand ol’ time with the President of the United States. Apparently he’s not too heartbroken…