Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech shows off sick drumming skills

When Petr Cech isn’t busy trying on new headgear or keeping balls out of Chelsea’s net, he loves rocking out on the drums.

He’s already played together with Queen drummer Roger Taylor and performed live at a Czech music festival, and now Cech is hitting up the recording studio! In the video above, the former World Goalkeeper of the Year records the drumming part for Czech band Eddie Stoilow’s cover of the track ‘Baby.’

And just like opposing strikers on weekends, the drums and cymbals stand little chance.

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Ask Jose! Mourinho on attacking players, Premier League and more


The road to the UEFA Champions League final is down to just four teams, with one of those clubs Chelsea FC from the Barclays Premier League.

Chelsea is set to play Atletico Madrid in the semifinals, but before then club manager Jose Mourinho sat down for a fan Q&A session with Chelsea Magazine. Chelsea FC granted FOX Sports early access before the magazine launched on Monday.

Here are Mourinho’s thoughts on defensive strategy, versatile players on the pitch, and Premier League play versus La Liga, and much more:

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Chelsea players have favorite moments immortalized in sculptures

Last season’s tease and reveal of Chelsea’s new kits was one that adidas would have a hard time topping, but it looks like they’ve done it.

In a video voiced by Jose Mourinho, Chelsea stars recreate their favorite moments as a Blue and have that moment immortalized by incredible sculptures. The process and end result are both rather stunning.

And the new kits aren’t bad, either.



Images via Chelsea FC


Petr Cech aces “ultimate goalkeeping drill”


Think stopping free kick blasts struck at 75+ mph is hard? Parrying shots from point-blank range? Okay, how about saving footballs and tennis balls in rapid-fire succession?

There’s a reason goalkeepers are hardly envied by their peers, but at the same time, the very best at the position possess traits coveted by all athletes, most notably their unrivaled reflexes and resolute focus.

Chelsea keeper Petr Cech - winner of three UEFA Best Goalkeeper awards — demonstrated both these skills in a recent Chelsea training video, dubbed the “ultimate goalkeeping drill:”

In the exercise, Cech is alternately ambushed by footballs kicked from both sides while tennis balls are struck at him from just a few feet away with a racquet. Incredibly, Cech doesn’t fail to catch a single one. 

Image & H/T: Pies


Cech weighing up Barcelona move

Barcelona continue to be linked with a host of goalkeepers in their search to replace Victor Valdes. Keepers such as Thibaut Courtois have been touted as possible long-term replacements. In today’s newspapers Petr Cech is the latest name linked to the Nou Camp, but surely Cech would be seen as a short term fix.

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Chelsea to wear full bodypaint for 2013-14 season


Not really. Adidas has launched a new campaign to promote the new Chelsea 2013/2014 home kit. Calling out diehard blues supporters, adidas is inviting fans to pre-order the new kit without even seeing it. In their words, “It’s blue, what else matters?”

Are you hardcore enough to buy this kit without even seeing it?

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