Ref abandons match in Peru after 5 players fake injury at the same time

There’s poor sportsmanship and then there’s just blatant game manipulation.

The latter appeared to be the case in a Copa Peru semi-final match between Defensor Bolivar and Defensor La Bocana.

According to local media, five players from Defensor Bolivar all feigned injury at the same time in an apparent attempt to get the game — which they were losing 4-1 — abandoned.

The referee had already sent two of Bolivar’s players off and with eight minutes left on the clock, he was forced to call the match. If the five players faking injury had left the field, Bolivar would have only four men on the pitch, and teams are required to field at least seven players.

The second leg of the cup tie is now in doubt and officials are trying to decide how to punish Bolivar. The winner of the series goes on to national competition.

Even better: Defensor La Bocana uploaded video of their opponents’ antics to YouTube. Check it out.

(h/t The Guardian)


Fan throws impossibly accurate paper plane during England-Peru friendly

England beat Peru 3-0 on Friday at Wembley, with Daniel Sturridge scoring this beauty of a goal, but it wasn’t even close to the highlight of the match.

No, instead that honor goes to the fan who somehow managed to craft a paper airplane that was tossed from the upper deck AND HIT A PERU PLAYER. You have to see it to believe it:

That pinpoint accuracy is nearly unbelievable. The thrower must be the smartest luckiest fan in the world — England might want to consider taking him to Brazil as a good luck charm.

Disclaimer: We do not condone throwing things onto the pitch. But this is so insane it had to be seen.


Gross! Fans throw diapers at Allianz Lima goalkeeper

There have been many things thrown at players in the past - maybe the most famous being a pig’s head that landed just short of Luis Figo.

Based on this latest report out of South America, a pig’s head might be a welcomed sight. Fans of Real Garcilaso took it one step (or a handful of baby steps) too far at a Peruvian league match, when they threw soiled diapers at the Allianz Lima keeper. That’s foul, in more ways than one.

It is unclear as to whether the actual toddlers were at the stadium, but their diapers certainly made an impact.

Video (via 101greatgoals)


Peruvian manager chokes linesman after missed offside call

The top match in Peru’s first division this weekend was suspended in the 82nd minute after the home team manager decided a missed offside call was enough reason to go strangle a match official.

Melgar and Universitario were tied at 2 when the linesman judged a Melgar player’s run to be just offside, wasting a clear goal-scoring opportunity. The entire Melgar bench jumped up to confront the official, but team manager Franco Navarro took things a bit too far.

Pretending he is Kane (if you don’t know Kane, we feel sorry for you, now click the link), Navarro went straight for the referee’s throat before being wrested away by teammates. Riot police were actually called on to remove Navarro from the scene, and moments later the referee decided to call the game off.

Needless to say, Navarro now faces a hefty punishment from both the league and the authorities.

Via 101GG


Claudio Pizarro scores crafty goal vs. Ecuador

Claudio Pizarro didn’t get much playing time this season for Bayern Munich, but when he did he usually scored, once even netting a hat-trick in the first half against Lille in the Champions League.

For the Peru national team, Pizarro has been indispensable for over a decade, and he proved so once again in Friday’s World Cup qualifier, scoring the only goal of the game in fantastic fashion.


Foul play?

In a match in Peru’s top division, the goalkeeper for Unión Comercio collapsed from heat exhaustion, and the ball trickled out from his hands as he lay helplessly on the field.

You would expect a game to be halted with a player curled up on the ground, but play continued and an opposing player from Universidad César Vallejo took advantage and scored.

While we understand that everyone plays the game to win, a little sportsmanship wouldn’t hurt every once in a while, would it?


Check out this ridiculous double save from Peruvian Under-20 goalkeeper Angelo Campos in a match against Uruguay. First he makes himself look silly by strolling way out of his penalty area, but then he more than makes up for it with some fine heroics.

More importantly though, what’s the move when you get denied like this? Obviously just play hurt right? Well played on both sides.