Referees, Pep Guardiola commit Champions League fashion taboos


If it’s one thing we learned on Matchday 1 of the Champions League, it’s that people are not loving the new referee kits.

It’s not just that they’re ugly. During the Dortmund-Arsenal match, it was difficult to tell where the ref even was at times.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that we can’t tell if they’re actually a referee or just a random fan who got lost on his way to his seat and nobody bothered to stop them?

image"Somebody, stop that fan! Oh … it’s you.

Yeah, maybe that’s it.

Sadly, the official’s new threads were not even close to being the biggest fashion disaster this week. 

That honor belongs to none other than Bayern manager Pep Guardiola.

Always dressed to the nines on the sidelines, this time Pep forgot about a small but critical component to his outfit:


Not a good look. Not a good look at all.

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Bayern president lured Guardiola while on trip selling sausages


Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness revealed an interesting story on Wednesday, saying he convinced current manager Josep Guardiola to become the European champions’ new coach during a trip to sell sausages in the United States.

Yes, you read that right folks.

According to the Bayern chief, Hoeness held talks with the former Barcelona coach last year in New York, although only after first flying out as part of a private business venture for the family’s business.

In an interview, Hoeness revealed to Bild that he used the opportunity to secretly sound out Guardiola, who took a year’s sabbatical away from football:

"It was partly a business trip for my company," said Hoeness, who runs his family’s sausage factory. I went to Chicago first to visit Aldi. I knew that Pep was about to fly to Barcelona for his holidays and that a meeting there would have been far more dangerous, so we decided I would meet him in the States, where the risk of being spotted was smaller.

"I wanted to take him out for a meal, but that night, Alex Ferguson was dining in the very same restaurant. It certainly would not have been funny had he seen me and Pep together."


The trip, according to Hoeness himself, was a complete success. Bayern which officially confirmed in early-January that Guardiola had agreed to become Bayern’s new coach. Hoeness added:

"I had the signed contracts with me He just wanted to get to know me better. Of course it was an extraordinary trip. Nobody really expected Bayern to appoint Guardiola.

"We didn’t believe he was being serious with us either for a long time. What we are seeing now is a consequence of those few hours in New York."

Seems like a successful business trip that power brokers can only dream of.

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Pep Guardiola: Snazzy in lederhosen


FC Bayern held its annual lederhosen photo shoot this week! Sponsored by brewer Paulaner, the tradition sees the entire club throw on old-school Bavarian garb and pour themselves tall glasses of beer. (This year, it was non-alcoholic, in a nod to star Franck Ribery’s devout Muslim beliefs.)

There’s also an element of good-natured ribbing around the shoot (after all, lederhosen isn’t exactly high-fashion these days)  and this year all eyes were on new Spanish manager — and known fashion plate — Pep Guardiola. 

In our eyes, Pep killed it. Does he look tremendous in leather pants or what?



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Barcelona to Wear Kits Designed by Artist with Down syndrome


While much of the interest surrounding this Friday’s friendly match between Barcelona and Santos concerns Neymar’s potential debut with his new club, fans might be taken aback by a unique lettering on the back of Barcelona’s jerseys. 


Designed by Anna Vives, a local artist with Down syndrome, the striking font will only be used during this single match. The shirts will be auctioned after the match, with the proceeds going to the Itinerarium Foundation, the organization where Anna works. 


Speaking to Mundo Deportivo, Anna said of the club:

I am very grateful to the club and its foundation, who have helped me raise awareness about the typography and who have opened many doors. The font is not just mine, but the result of a team effort, which is why we so identify with Barcelona and its values.

Starting August 3rd, fans will be able to lodge their bids on both Anna’s site, where they can also purchase a variety of items featuring the font, as well as via eBay. Additionally, fans can learn more about the Itinerarium Foundation by visiting their official site.

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We all need a kick up the butt from time to time and that’s exactly what Arjen Robben got from new Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola during a training session last week. Unlike Robben’s famous dressing-room altercation with Franck Ribery during the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid in April 2012 this one seemed harmless enough though.