Norwegian football club gets big boost from super fan’s estate


(Image via @FLFart)

A Norwegian football club just got a big boost to their bank account thanks to a local fan.

Erling Andreassen, who passed away at the age of 91 in July, left nearly all his estate to his local club in Vang, Norway: FL Fart.

(Okay, yes, funny name, have a laugh — can we move on now?)

The estate totals nearly four million Norwegian Krone ($636,000) and will go into the coffers of FL Fart. The club is best known for their successful women’s team, which is playing in Norway’s top tier women’s league.

The team issued a statement on the “magnificent” gift, saying the board hasn’t decided how the funds will be allocated, but it will be brought up at their annual meeting to figure out how to best use them. For a club of such a small size, this donation will go a long way.

And since you’re still chuckling about the club name, “Fart” translates as “speed” in Norwegian.

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Norway women’s player tweets racy injury pic


Norway national team player Elise Thorsnes produces goals for a living, lots of goals. 122 goals in 155 club games, in fact. But recently, Thorsnes picked up a lower abdominal injury, risking her place in Norway’s European Championships squad.

Thorsnes’ goals, while nice, might not get as much world-wide attention as her latest tweet: a racy picture featuring a heat pack, purple undies, and her rockin abs!

Translated tweet: “Thank you for all inquiries regarding my vagina and the report on TV2. I’m doing fine without warm hands and the like.”

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Lottery winner uses winnings to buy defender so his club won’t sell him


"You just won the lottery, what are you going to buy?" "My favorite soccer player!"

Norway’s Yngvar Borgesen recently won the country’s lottery, earning him about 102 million Norweigan krone (roughly $18 Million). Rather than purchasing a yacht or a new car, he spent a handful of his money on something much closer to his heart.

Borgesen spent 2.5 million krones ($435,000) to buy a share of Odd Grenland defender Fredrik Semb Berge. His hometown club struggled financially and was looking to sell the up and coming 23-year-old to regain money lost this year. With Borgesen’s investment, they will now be able to retain his services through next season. 

Borgesen told the local newspaper Verdens Gang:

"I sat and thought about what I could do locally and answer was Odd. They have a good profile and mean a lot for the local community."

Hats off to Yngvar for helping out his local community. Let’s see if this starts a trend of millionaires buying their favorite soccer players, just because they can.



Missed penalty call makes striker go ballistic

Down 1-0, every goal opportunity is crucial, and no one knows that better than Rosenborg striker Nicki Bille Nielsen. With a match in the balance against Sandnes Ulf, Nielsen received a ball in the box but was unable to make a play on the ball because the keeper holding his leg (see the replay at :08).

Apparently the referee had his head in the clouds, and did not call a penalty. Understandably, Nielsen was not happy. The striker makes a fuss about the non-call and ends up receiving his second yellow and being booted from the match.

Cue the meltdown. Nielsen takes out his anger on anything and everything he can, including the ball, the ground and finally, his uniform.

We’ve got to take his side with this one, a pretty bad non-call, but no need to take out the frustration on a perfectly good jersey!


Norwegian club returns to find road built over their field


When the Norwegian club Ny Krohnburg IL returned from their offseason break, they were met with an unwelcomed surprise: a road that was built right over the pitch. The strangest part about it, this was the second time in three years that this has happened!

Khronburg chairman Radney Thomsen shared his thoughts:

"We were quite shocked when we discovered that the road cut [into the pitch]. The start of the season is just around the corner, but no one had informed us. We feel simply run over."

"It’s downright scary that the various sports clubs that use the pitch have not been told. They have "forgotten" to give notice for the second time in three years. This is not good enough."

This would probably be a good time to look for a new field to play on.


Norwegian 8th Division club’s tempting offer to David Beckham

Hey you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take right?

Let’s have a round of applause for Orn Kristiania, the perhaps least recognizable club on the planet, for its downright hilarious contract offer to David Beckham during this transfer window.

After reviewing the letter, how Becks could possibly choose Paris over Kristiania is beyond me. I mean listen, anytime you can secure a single Kristiania coat button you have to do it.