NY Red Bulls have pro rock climber retrieve match ball from roof


Bringing the match ball out to the pitch is a pretty boring affair, and the concept of a man parachuting in has been so overdone. But the New York Red Bulls managed to spice it up for their season opener against the Colorado Rapids on Saturday.

Acclaimed pro rock climber Sasha DiGiulian scaled the roof of Red Bull Arena to retrieve a match ball that was fixed to one of the rafters, more than one hundred feet off the ground. DiGiulian also unveiled the official Supporter’s Shield Banner from the edge of the roof.

DiGiulian than posted a sick time-lapse video of her climb to Instagram:

Image and H/T: Original Winger


Report: NYC FC scores new stadium in Bronx

The New York Post reports this morning that nascent MLS side New York City FC are near an agreement to build a $400m stadium in the Bronx close to Yankee Stadium.


New York City FC’s unveiling. Image: Getty.

The new stadium will be located on currently vacant land adjacent to the Major Deegan Expressway, and will require a local business to relocate. The Post reports that out-going mayor Michael Bloomberg has blessed the plan – but that the mayor-elect, Bill de Blasio, has yet to review the deal.

NYCFC, majority owned by the mega-rich backers of Manchester City in the Premier League, have made a series of aggressive moves with the aim of building a powerhouse out of the gate. Tuesday, NYFC hired one of the league’s best young managers, Jason Kreis, away from losing MLS Cup finalists Real Salt Lake.

The team is expected to begin play in 2015, with the new stadium ready for opening by 2018 or 2019.


NY Red Bulls’ Thierry Henry gets flip-book treatment

It looks like the recent trend of paying homage to soccer stars via flip-books is here to stay.

The latest hero to be immortalized is none other than New York Red Bulls dynamo Thierry Henry.

The video is a slight variation from earlier flip-books, where actual video of the event is spliced in. Chalk it up to technological evolution, we suppose.

Either way, we certainly hope these continue to roll out.


Thierry Henry continues on-pitch hilariousness with dance

Perhaps fueled by the introduction of the new internet meme #Henrying, New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry continued his recent penchant for on-field antics.

During a weekend 1-0 win against FC Dallas, Henry reacted to a foul called against him by, well, apparently dancing.

We’re not sure exactly what Henry was trying to convey with his gyration, but it certainly was fun to watch.

(h/t TalkSport)


President Barack Obama shows off his impressive soccer moves

Juggling a global financial crisis, a possible insertion in Syria (and not to mention being a father and husband) can’t be an easy task for anyone. But juggling a soccer ball? All in a day’s work for the POTUS.

Barack Obama dropped by a high school in New York and crashed the practice of the girls and boys soccer teams. The Commander-in-Chief deftly takes a first touch for a quick juggle before greeting the entire boys team.

When’s the last time a guy in slacks and dress shoes moseyed onto a high school practice field and elicited that kind of awesome reaction? Truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and a reminder to youngsters to stay in school:

President Obama meeting the boys team at Tully Junior-Senior High School (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And of course, President Obama drops by to meet the Tully Junior-Senior High School girls soccer team (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And just for kicks, President Obama takes aim and shows off his footie skills (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

(h/t SBNation)


Rest of MLS would be very jealous if this was, in fact, NYC FC’s new stadium (but it’s not)


(Images via SportGrid)

New York City FC is set to begin play in the 2015 MLS season, and it still doesn’t have a place to call home. However, leaked sketches for a new soccer stadium on Manhattan’s Pier 40 leaked on the internet, sparking rumors that it could be for NYC FC’s new arena.

It would make for one of the coolest venues in all of soccer, that’s for sure. The open ended stadium would offer a view of the lower Manhattan skyline, including the One World Trade Center building. How cool is that?



Are you getting excited, New Yorkers?

Don’t. Actually, pump the brakes.

The images are apparently not part of the plan for NYC FC’s future home, but rather conceptual designs that MLS produced in the past when considering Pier 40 as a potential soccer stadium. Currently, there are no plans in the works for such an arena. Sorry.

However, if MLS would somehow reconsider the project, we’re sure NYC FC’s joint partners, Manchester City and the New York Yankees, would be more than willing to splash the cash to make it a reality. Just look at the thing! The club would then certainly be off to a good start in competing with the two other local teams — the Red Bulls and the Cosmos — for the city’s attention.

This post has been updated from the previous version. We apologize for any incorrect or misleading information.


Joe Hart takes a shot at (American) Football

If this whole world-class goalkeeper thing doesn’t work out for Manchester City keeper Joe Hart, he may have a future at wide receiver.

City is in the United States for their two friendly matches against Chelsea, as well as representing the club new MLS venture New York City FC.

Between their training and public appearances, the club stops by the New York Giants training facilities to visit and got a chance to catch some passes from Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning. Hart, England’s number one keeper in front of goals, shows off some pretty shaky route running, but reaffirms that he has very capable hands. James Milner also makes an appearance by catching a post route pass from Manning and then quickly sees his life flash before his eyes as a Giants player puts himself in position for a tackle.

Here’s a full length video of the visit. Heck, you can even hear some Giants players tell our football heroes, “I play with you all the time in FIFA.”


Manchester City, NY Yankees team up to own New York City FC

It was announced on Tuesday that Manchester City and the New York Yankees will be owners of the 20th team in MLS: New York City FC.

Baseball and soccer coming together? With their powers combined, NYC FC could become a wildly popular and successful club in the heart of the Big Apple.

We let our imaginations run wild at the thought of these two sports giants teaming up, and conjured up this alternate universe where Yankees captain Derek Jeter and City captain Vincent Kompany swapped lives…


No, that just looks wrong. We like the universe just the way it is.


New York City shows Manchester United colors

By: Leander Schaerlaeckens


The way Dion Dublin looks at it, this is all kind of his doing. The red hue of Terminal 5’s music hall in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood on a misty Saturday morning, a heaving mass of two thousand Manchester United fans, bounds and sings and chants. They are, argues Dublin, the upshot of his interference in the course of United’s history.

“I am the catalyst of Man United’s success,” Dublin says with an endearingly self-deprecating smirk, “I break my leg on my Old Trafford debut and Sir Alex Ferguson goes and buys Eric Cantona. The rest is history. Man United become a great club.”

“If it wasn’t for me,” – another smile denoting sarcasm crinkles his face – “they’d be nowhere.” It’s English to find humor in the absurd.

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