PSV plans stadium section for blind and visually impaired fans


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PSV Eindhoven is taking fan hospitality to the next level.

The team’s home base, Philips Stadium, will now have a special section in the stands for visually impaired fans.

According to the press release, the section will have room for 20 fans with vision impairments.

The specialized seats will come with headsets that will broadcast game commentary so that fans can enjoy the atmosphere and still be able to follow the action on the pitch.

Th go-ahead for the season long project came after a successful trial during the PSV/FC Groningen match last year. If this season is a success, PSV will consider expanding the number of seats.

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Argentine-born Dutch Queen faces rough World Cup semifinal

The World Cup semifinal could get tense in the Dutch royal home.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his wife, Argentina-born Maxima, might be sitting on opposite sides of the couch on Wednesday when the Netherlands takes on Argentina in Sao Paulo.

The Twitter-verse is at least having fun with the idea.

Take a look at some of the craftier posts:

Publicly, at least, Maxima is a proud fan of her adopted country.

Earlier in the tournament, she joined her husband in Porto Alegre to watch the Netherlands’ 3-2 win over Australia and celebrated with the team in the locker room afterwards.

The Dutch government told The Associated Press on Monday that the couple will not fly to Sao Paulo to watch Wednesday’s match in person.

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World Cup Day 17: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


What’s worse? The fact we won’t be seeing Mexico coach Miguel Herrera in action anymore, or the brutal way his side crashed out of the World Cup? Probably the former. 

The controversial call leading to El Tri’s elimination dominated the news cycle on Sunday, and for good reason. What else caught your eye on the second day of knockout round play? Check it out:



Costa Rica’s amazing Cinderella story continued with a penalty shootout victory against Greece, handing them their first-ever place in the World Cup quarterfinals. Los Ticos also became the first CONCACAF side to reach this stage since the United States in 2002. Not too shabby for a tiny country that Mike Tirico mistook for an island on ESPN’s live broadcast.

Not impressed? What if we put it this way:

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Crazy Dutch fan gets Louis van Gaal, RvP tattooed on his back

It has been a terrific start to the 2014 World Cup by the Netherlands. So much so, that one super fan decided to take his love to the next level. 

Dutch-based singer Andre Pronk took the brave decision to get Robin van Persie and Louis van Gaal tattooed on his back — perhaps prematurely. Just watch:

Mr. Pronk dropped into a Rotterdam tattoo shop to request the ink of the Oranje boss’ face — above the iconic image of RvP’s looping header against Spain:


Netherlands have made a great start to the tournament in Brazil, but you can’t help think that these body stamps may come back to haunt him!


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Trendsetter? ‘Persieing’ is actually a thing now


After Robin van Persie’s flying golazo against Spain last Friday, the Dutch striker belly-flopped on the pitch.

Now everyone is doing it.

Well at least van Persie’s 93-year-old grandfather.

Okay, the Dutch Embassy staff too.

Actually, there are dozens of pictures of people doing it. There’s even hashtag for it, #persieing. Explore it at your own risk. 

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Couple’s dream World Cup honeymoon to Brazil goes horribly wrong


It’s an extreme case of miscommunication.

Australian newlyweds Orin and Melissa van Lingen planned the honeymoon of their dreams, heading to Brazil in time for the World Cup — or so they thought.

Turns out, due to a serious snafu with their travel agent, the couple landed in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador — not Salvador, Brazil where Friday’s Spain versus Holland World Cup game was being played.

They’re only about 3,000 miles apart.

On Friday, Melissa van Lingen told the Sunday Territorian, Darwin, Australia’s local paper, that they were devastated.

"The game we watched today was the one we had a ticket for, Spain versus Holland, but unfortunately we had to watch it on TV — in a different country," she said. "The hardest part was seeing my husband’s face — it was heartbreaking."

The travel agency responsible for the mix-up says they are working to get the couple’s honeymoon back on track.

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Spaniard predicts 5-1 rout by Netherlands, wins $135K in gas

It was the highest scoring game in the World Cup so far, and probably one of the more surprising results.

And yet, a Spanish fan managed to predict his team’s 5-1 loss to the Netherlands. 

Jacobo Ríos-Capapé, a 56-year old architect and ex-referee from Valencia, may be mourning the embarrassing loss but can at least celebrate winning a contest organized by Spanish fuel company, Cespa.

Ríos-Capapé submitted his guess of 5-1 weeks before the match along with 120,000 entries with the hopes of winning the grand prize, $135,000 worth of free gasoline. 

It turns out he was the only entrant to guess the correct result. He explained the logic behind his guess to MARCA:

"Hoping that Spain would win, of course, I thought that if Holland were to beat us, it would be big, so I came up with the 5-1 scoreline, without being very convinced by it. Actually after, I thought it was outrageous and wouldn’t happen."

He’s not done yet. Ríos-Capapé told MARCA that he’s entering a guess into the next contest for Spain’s match against Chile.

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