Juventus preparing bid for United defender Vidic

Nemanja Vidic remains on the radar of Juventus, according to one of the UK nationals. The Italian champions are preparing to make a bid in January for the Manchester United skipper, who is also thought to be a target for both Barcelona and Monaco.

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Man City sponsor congratulates United on title win - sort of.


Image via Manchester Evening News

When a few Manchester United players opened the door for City sponsor Etihad to poke a little fun at their expense, they took full advantage.

After United clinched their 20th top-flight title on Monday, some of the stars went out on the town to celebrate their victory that night. Several of the players, including Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand, packed into a cab that was plastered in Manchester City blue and the Etihad logos to head to their night of partying. Talk about a kick in the gut to City.

But their quick-thinking sponsors turned this into a golden marketing opportunity. They took out a full page ad in the Manchester Evening News, using the photo and the caption “Congratulations Manchester United. You deserve to go home in style.”

The Red Devils will get the last laugh as they parade their Premier League trophy around Manchester on May 13th, but at least City fans will have smiles on their faces from this clever stunt.