Samuel Eto’o’s old-man strength leads Chelsea

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Fernando Torres was a late scratch ahead of Chelsea’s 4-0 win over Tottenham on Saturday, setting the stage for none other than “old man” Samuel Eto’o.

Eto’o turned out to be the match-winner as he opened the scoring in the 56th minute and won a penalty to set up Chelsea’s second just moments later. But Eto’o’s most brilliant moment of the night came on his goal celebration.

Coming off a week that saw his true age publicly questioned (by his manager, no less) Eto’o hobbled over to the corner flag holding his back and clutching the flag stick like it was his walking cane. The tongue-in-cheek celebration was priceless in light of Jose Mourinho’s recently leaked comment that he thought the officially 32-year-old striker might actually be 35.

Clearly Eto’o has taken the mini-controversy in stride, showing that, like a fine wine, perhaps he’s just getting better with age. Mourinho himself commented on it, telling reporters after the match: “I didn’t suggest Samuel’s celebration, but we knew [about] it. The best way to diffuse the situation is make fun of a funny situation.”

Of course, when you’re seven points clear atop the Premier League, everything is a little more amusing.


Jose Mourinho’s gives reporter who beat cancer personal greeting

imagePhoto via Getty Images

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho showed off his warm and fuzzy side during Friday’s press conference ahead of their match against Manchester United.

ITV News journalist Rags Martel was recently declared cancer-free, and it was his first press conference since the announcement.

Not normally known for being kind to media members, the “Special One” Martel a personal, charming greeting after spotting him in the crowd.



Jose Mourinho interrupts post-match interview with jokes and hugs

Just Jose being Jose.

Following Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Liverpool in Sunday’s dramatic Premier League showdown, Blues manager Jose Mourinho interrupted David Luiz and Eden Hazard’s post-match interview by poking fun at the former’s yellow card and giving both his pupils a hearty embrace.

As the reporter asked his first question to David Luiz, Mourinho jumped in out of nowhere and joked that his defender had picked up his yellow card on purpose, so that he could head home to Portugal for some time off just in time for New Year’s Eve, He then hugged his two stars and acknowledged their “fantastic” performances and left as quickly as he appeared.

Classic Mourinho!


Ticked-off Mourinho walks out on media; Meanwhile, loaned-out Lukaku keeps scoring

Jose Mourinho continued his never-ending feud with the media on Monday by walking out of the obligatory Champions League press conference. The reason? More inquiries over Mourinho’s player selection, or rather, player non-selection.

Already agitated by the month-long drama surrounding Juan Mata’s lack of playing time, Mourinho lost it when a reporter asked about the absence of Kevin de Bruyne on Chelsea’s 18-man roster for the upcoming tilt at Steaua Bucharest.

"This is fantastic because nobody asks me about Mata," Mourinho said. "You are for three weeks speaking about Mata, and now you are speaking about Kevin de Bruyne. So you are not interested in the players that are playing? You are interested in the players that are not playing."

Mourinho then quickly defended his decision to leave out the Belgian starlet before deserting Frank Lampard at the podium.

It’s a good thing the press conference wasn’t held a few hours later, or else Mourinho may have gotten bombarded with even more questions about players he’s been passing on. Namely, why he decided to loan out Romelu Lukaku for another year.

Everton’s rental striker netted two goals and assisted on the Toffees’ third in their 3-2 win over Newcastle on Monday. That brings Lukaku’s Premier League goal tally to three after just two appearances for Everton, exactly three more goals than all of Chelsea’s strikers combined so far.

image"Here’s looking at you, Mou"


Introducing the most awkward handshake in soccer history

Looking for a highlight from Monday’s highly-anticipated match between Manchester United and Chelsea? Good luck. What was billed as a potential classic between two Premier League title favorites turned out to be a dull, goalless draw.

The best that came out of the heavyweight matchup was this series of Getty Images, which caught the most awkward prematch handshake humanly possible between Jose “The Special One” Mourinho, and United boss David Moyes, dubbed by home fans as “The Chosen One.”


Moyes: “Uhh, what are you doing?”


Mourinho: “I don’t know, but it’s too late to change it now.”


Moyes: “Well, this is awkward. I’m sure nobody on social media will mock us for this.”

To put the clumsy handshake into context, the relationship between Mourinho and Moyes has soured as of late, with Chelsea’s transfer pursuit of United star Wayne Rooney being the main reason behind the squabble:

(H/T Dirty Tackle)


Mourinho’s Eye-Gouge Reaches Spain’s Constitutional Court


No matter where he goes, Jose Mourinho just can’t seem to leave the drama behind.

According to a report from Spanish newspaper Marca, Mourinho is the subject of a legal case that has just reached Spain’s Constitutional Court. The topic? The infamous ‘eye-gouge’ incident in which Mourinho poked then-assistant coach of Barcelona, Tito Vilanova, in the eye.

A law-firm based in Barcelona took it upon themselves to file a complaint against the former Real Madrid manager, alleging that he was guilty of disrupting the public order.

Are we sure they’re referring to the eye-gouge incident, or the season Real Madrid managed to break Barcelona’s grip on La Liga?

Either way, Spain just can’t seem to get enough of Jose.