Brazilian model, Ronaldo super-fan, kicked out of Portugal’s training session

Cristiano Ronaldo has a very persistent ‘number one’ fan.

The Brazilian model (runner-up in something called the “2012 Miss Bumbum” pageant) and reality TV star Andressa Urach attended Portugal’s training session on Wednesday in hopes of garnering Mr. Ronaldo’s attention.

Urach, however, was escorted off the premises after gaining access with a press credential on behalf of the Brazilian television station that she is working with.

Urach was not happy about it and posted her displeasure on Instagram.

Urach’s thing for CR7 has been going on for a while. In 2013, she caused a stir in the tabloids after claiming she slept with Ronaldo a few days before his Real Madrid squad lost a Champions League game. (Ronaldo has denied it, and seems genuinely horrified by the woman.)

And Urach has had run-ins with the Portugal’s security staff before. Recently, she showed up with her, ahem, ample torso painted with a Ronaldo Portugal jersey to “greet” the team’s arrival in Brazil. (There’s YouTube video out there if you really, really need to see it. You don’t)

That security detail Portugal hired is starting to make a whole lot more sense now.

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Neymar and Gisele combine their powers for upcoming edition of Vogue

Vogue Brasil is putting together a special edition featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen and soccer star Neymar that will hit stands in June — we’re guessing the big tournament happening that month might have something to do with it.

Coincidentally, Gisele was also featured on the cover of Vogue Brasil last June. This year’s version will probably be just as popular. Probably.



Argentinian model juggles impressively in high heels

Argentinian model Fiorella Castillo is way better at juggling a soccer ball in high heels than most people in proper soccer footwear.

In the video above, which has quickly gone viral on the interwebs, Castillo shows off her moves in the streets of Mar del Plata, as crowds gather around in awe.

If you want to see more of Castillo, a quick search on YouTube yields plenty of clips of the beautiful baller doing her thing.

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Beckham to wear commemorative boots in final home match


Image: David Beckham

Style has never been a problem for David Beckham.

On the eve of his final home match as a professional soccer player, Beckham announced he will be lacing up these custom boots for Paris Saint-Germain’s match against Brestois. He has partnered up with adidas to create these and it’s clear that they are carrying some signature Beckham style.

Beckham announced his decision on Facebook stating:

I wanted to show the passion I had playing for my country and the pride that gave me during my career. You also see the names of Victoria and the kids which have always been there on my boots.”


A touching tribute from a true family man.


Ronaldo’s girlfriend refuses to cut up Messi jersey

Irina Shayk is a very smart and classy woman.

The beautiful girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo was in Greece at an MTV party when a reporter stopped her on the red carpet and made a strange offer: would she like to cut up a Lionel Messi jersey with a pair of scissors?

Her response was instant: No.

Instead, she playfully attacked the reporter’s hair, then told him he could cut the jersey up himself if he wanted — he didn’t hesitate to start hacking away at it.

While her boyfriend may be bitter rivals with Messi on the pitch, there’s no way the model was getting involved in this publicity stunt. Class all the way around, Irina.

Via 101GreatGoals.